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All About Libra

A one-stop resource for everything Libra, including profiles and love matches.
  1. Libra Love Matches (10)

Sun in Libra
Traits of the Libra Sun - elegant, artistic and thoughtful weigher of all options.

About Libra the Scales
All about Libra the Scales (September 20 to October 20), with its associations (from animals to gemstones).

Twelve Tips to Thrive in the Libra Season
Twelve Tips for aligning with the harmonizing energies of the Sun in Libra.

The Thinking Man's Bombshell
Libra women are glamorous and refined, and dazzle as much with their minds as they do with their physical allure.

Winning the Libra Woman
No vulgarity, elegant first dates, admire her bright mind, classy style a plus -- Go on, attract that Libra woman!

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber
An astrological profile of celebrity Libra-Libra couple Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber.

Karen Allen's Rich Tapestry
Here's a Libra drawn to ancient textiles, yoga, and starring in summer blockbusters every few decades.

A Pioneer Libra
John Lennon was a provocative Libra Sun, with a fiery Aries rising, and the soul of a dreamer (Aquarius Moon).

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