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Pisces Love Tips


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Pisces is different every time you meet, making it hard to advise any hard n' fast rules. But here are some general tips based on what's knowable about the sign of the fishes.

  • Do be enchanting, and appeal to their sense of wonder.
  • Do be considerate of their feelings.
  • Do suggest dates in non-chaotic places, atmospheric places.
  • Do offer thoughtful gifts.
  • Do allow them to be full of contradictions.
  • Do show them you care for animals, old people, and any other vulnerable thing.
  • Do entertain them with your imagination.
  • Do suggest dates to the movies, theatre or to see a concert.
  • Don't try to rush Pisces into a decision, especially not commitment.
  • Don't take Pisces to places that are overstimulating or taxing on the nerves.
  • Don't assume you've got them figured out.
  • Don't be cruel or try to intimidate them.
  • Don't be rude to wait staff or show selfish tendencies.
  • Don't be too materialistic.
  • Don't dismiss things that you can't see (like ghosts, fairies, angels).
  • Don't be too critical.

Date Ideas: the ocean, paddling in a lake, kayaking, the aquarium, water park, intimate venue music concert, a spa or sauna, hot springs, poetry reading, 80s night dancing, a cruise, sailing, dining al fresco by the ocean, scuba diving, museum stroll, film festival, yoga retreat.

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