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Win the Scorpio Woman


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First Few Dates

Scorpio women are hard-to-know at first, but they also love meeting people who intrigue them. Your best shot at wooing the enigmatic Scorpio woman is to be fascinating to her love of mystery and power.

Scorpio is a sign that dances with power and surrender.  She will be testing you for strength, and sizing you up as a potential lover.  This sign has an intense urge to merge.  And yet, she wants to be sure of what she's giving over to -- in you. 

She's not going to stick around too long if you play up your insecurities. She also wants to discover who you are, not have it handed to her on a platter. She's drawn to those with traits of determination, ambition, sexual confidence, profound spirituality and self-control.

Don't Tell All:

It's a known dating faux pas not to run down your dating history, especially if you're tempted to present it in a "loser" light. That goes double when on a date with the Scorpio woman. The Scorpio woman may even be horrified at your spilling of sexual secrets, since it's a sign of how you'd treat a relationship with her. She wants a discreet man who won't betray her secrets to others. So on a first date, you might want to:

  • Keep the conversation on neutral, but very interesting topics.
  • Tell her about your accomplishments.
  • Wear a subtle, but musk-y cologne.
  • Watch her eyes for clues to her interest.
  • Respond to body language and suggestive looks.
  • Here are 3 dozen more Scorpio Love Tips.
Playing with Fire

The Scorpio woman is a mesmerizer who enjoys playing with her sexual power. It's best to avoid coming on too strong or too soon. Let there be space there for her desire to grow, and intensified with sensual looks and touches. She responds to a subtle 'slow hand' lover, over one that acts on impulse.

A big issue for Scorpio women is respect. They are all-or-nothing when it comes to giving themselves. So they want to know a man can handle their passion, and won't bail if it gets intense. That's why a slow build, where trust is the foundation, is better than taking chances of getting hurt. She responds to gestures of devotion, but not ones that are sentimental or cutesy.

In fact, even though Scorpio is a water sign (feelings), there is a definite realism, about their attitude.  They are quick to spot boasters, that have no real life experience to back it up.  Often Scorpio women have a solid sense of their strengths and weaknesses.  You might find it pays to be frank about your own, without falling into either extreme -- of self-pity or overconfidence. 

You've Got Her Back

A Scorpio woman can be serious, and doesn't liked to be teased when she's wrestling with something heavy. She responds well to someone that respects her inner needs, and that there are times to go deep. If you understand the ebb and flow, you can give her the space she needs to work it out.

Scorpio women are focused do-ers, and often have a very pragmatic view of life. They may see into the layers of a situation psychically, but they are grounded in realities. They admire men who are also determined, productive, and don't waste their natural talents. In other words, they like men who've got it going on.

Steady and Soulful

Scorpio is a fixed sign, and like others in this category (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius), they often gravitate to what will be ongoing.  So, in a time of hook-ups and one nighters, the Scorpio woman only really shows her true vulnerability in a bond of trust.


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