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Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Scorpio


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Dance with the Dark
Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Scorpio

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Scorpiocity endows us with a courageous heart, to face the "dark side." It's a time to stop trying to keep up appearances of always being happy. We acknowledge the masks that cover volatile emotions like fear, jealousy, rage, resentment. And that sometimes these overwhelm us like a great wave, and seem to take us over. We can discover what's driving these emotions now. We can peek behind the curtain of our own psyche.

It's a truism that what we fear to look at gains power. We might want to avoid our own shadow side, to keep the illusion that we're in control. Now is the time to dance with that darkness, and transmute it!

You might use it as the raw material for a story, a painting or a dance. Some cultures have ritual exorcisms that allow full expression of the shadow in our psyches. We look for ways to let it up and out. The ultimate mastery is to turn it into something beautiful, by sharing it as part of the human story.

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