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Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Scorpio


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Have Cathartic Sex
Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Scorpio

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During the cozy longer nights, Scorpiocity generates sexual heat to bring lovers together. The urge to merge grows, and you might find yourself sending stronger signals. The primal sexual self gets us out of our heads, and into each other's arms. More intense sexual encounters can bring what the French call, "the little death" of orgasm, a natural stress reliever. Shirley Soffer writes of Scorpio's sex and death connection in the >The Astrology Sourcebook, saying that "some psychologists attribute postcoital tristesse, a deep sadness often occurring after orgasm, to a kind of near-death experience." When looking at it this way, we can see sex as a journey together to the other side and back.

And the merging of energies heals us in a way talking it out often doesn't. It's the mystery of combining in union, and being part of creating a third thing. That might be a child, or something else. When you're sweaty and spent from having sex, you can deeply surrender to the moment, knowing that something has changed from the experience.

In times of anxiety, a healthy sex life can remind us to let go of what we're holding. This is the peak season for sensual intimacy, when couples can dive into pleasure together, and re-emerge renewed.

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