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All About Virgo

A one-stop resource for everything Virgo, including profiles and love matches.
  1. Virgo Love Matches (12)

Virgo, the Virgin
Traditional associations (birthstones, flowers, colors) for Virgo, with Sun sign dates August 23 to September 23rd.

Virgo Wellness Prescription
Holistic astrologer Stephanie Gailing's popular tips for when the Sun is in Virgo (August 23 to September 22nd.)

Ten Tips to Thrive in the Virgo Season
Purifying, getting ducks in a row, scrubbing, research and more -- twelve tips for making the most of the Sun's time in Virgo (through Sept 22nd).

Sun in Virgo
A profile of the Sun in Virgo with a list of famous examples.

Winning the Virgo Woman
Some notes on how to win the eternal devotion of the Virgo woman.

Beyonce Knowles - Earthy Dreamgirl
This performer has a wholesome quality typical of Virgo, and is also a bit of a perfectionist.

Subtle Charms of the Virgo Man
The Virgo man will always need his solitude, but in relationship he aims to please.

Winning the Virgo Man
Be punctual, free of stains or smells, and exude sincerity -- win the Virgo man.

Michael Jackson, Hard-working Virgo
Cafe Astrology on the late great King of Pop, a hard-working Virgo with sensitive Pisces Moon.

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