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Aries and Scorpio

Passion Punch


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Upside: Hot libido, Strong wills, Penetrating conversation, Aries provokes Scorpio out of hiding, Scorpio schools Aries on emotional nuance; both get to the heart-of-the-matter.

Downside Sharp tongues, Wounding, Fierce and dirty arguments, trust broken is hard to win again; daunting as adversaries.

Cardinal Fire (Aries) and Fixed Water (Scorpio)

Aries and Scorpio have something wild and sexy going on, with an edge. It has a dangerous feel, but passions can fizzle out when the real work of relating starts. Both have strong sex drives, and bring a rough urgency to the bedroom. But fairly soon, there will be hints of a struggle for dominance.

Aries needs to be the leader, but Scorpio is petrified of being controlled, and will resist the Ram's bossy behavior. Aries blurts things out, while Scorpio keeps everything on the down low. Aries may start to think Scorpio too secretive, and Scorpio will resent the persistent prying.

In relationship, Scorpio starts to be suspicious of Aries' loyalty for the long haul, and sometimes rightly so. The flirty nature of Aries ignites the intensely jealous Scorpio, who reacts with retaliatory stings. Always primed for battle, Aries escalates the situation until smoke is coming out of both their ears. These two are like characters in a romantic thriller, where the pair rarely ends up living happily ever after. But something keeps them hooked in, even if the relationship goes south. They'll likely always find the other jarring and exciting, which keeps the old flame from ever completely going out.

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