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Sun Square Saturn

In the Birthchart


First off, give yourself extra points for the degree of difficulty here. This aspect in the natal chart often leads to intense inner pressure. For some mysterious reason -- possibly karmic -- you often face severe criticism from someone in a position of control, often a parent.

This sense of being opposed, limited, restricted, can come from other authority figures. Later, the sense of being opposed often comes from within. It becomes internalized, as a push-pull of caution and self-expression.

Where Saturn shows up, there's often fear and sense of restriction. Your Sun is your vitality, the unique way you shine and go after what you want. You can feel thwarted at every turn. Often this sense of discouragement embeds in your belief system as "life is hard."

Paradoxically, this aspect can make you seem serious, even authoritative to others. You can seem quick to go on the defense, and take things personally. You can often feel under attack.

The gift of this aspect is that you're driven, and this can lead to great accomplishment. You have the satisfaction of knowing how much you've overcome. A sense of character settles in deeply, as you get older. If you avoid falling into chronic pessimism, you take on a hard won sense of personal authority. It's come from being tested, and persevering, and proving that you're made of strong stuff.

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