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Welcome to Planet Kiddie


Welcome to Planet Kiddie

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Just for fun, Moira answers some questions about Mademoiselle Kiddie, virtual secretary of Kiddiegram.com:

Is Mademoiselle Kiddie an astrologer that specializes in looking at the charts of kids?

Mlle Kiddie is not an astrologer as much as a business person who also happens to enjoy reading children's charts.

What makes her squeal with delight over a child's chart?

Seeing the patterns of connection with another's chart. Two siblings that share a similar sun and moon sign!

Does she ever furrow her brow with caring concern over a child's star patterns?

Because a child is all potential, and charts can be read on many levels, Mlle Kiddie feels she is just presenting a little mini chart. She’s concerned about basic accuracy. She invested a lot of time and energy creating a mini-report that calculates the “real” chart so that parents confused about sun signs (children born on a cusp) can easily learn their child's moon and rising sign and sun sign without necessarily ordering a full report.

She's more interested in developing a lingua franca that can be easily understood. She considers astrology a symbolic language, and often tells people she doesn’t believe in French or Mandarin Chinese so it’s okay not to “believe” in the language of Kidsigns. She's an information geek!

What's the best part about being Mademoiselle Kiddie?

Being able to be in cafes around the world drinking lattes and working. Also being able to watch children in a cafe, try and guess their signs and calculate a chart wheel on the spot. She adores not having to pack an ephemeris!

Does Mademoiselle Kiddie have a special wish for parents bringing up children today?

That they enjoy their time together! That presents never substitute for presence. Celebrate each day.

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