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Love Match - Cancer and Cancer



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Upside: A slow build to emotional trust; share a need to retreat; family-oriented; lovers of history and the past; able to build support networks; some wisdom with finances. Downside: Two drowning people clinging to one another; erratic moods; no boundaries; challenges seeing relationship issues objectively.

Element and Quality Cardinal (impactful, initiating) and Water (driven by feelings)

When two Cancers hook up, they go moony-eyed over each other, seeing the mirror of deep understanding reflected back. They feel things out in the same way.

While dating, they may intuit the emotional interest of the other, and find the cautious approach endearing. And that brings a slow bonding love ritual that suits the pace of this emotionally sensitive sign.

With a love match, each will try to show the other that they're homebase -- a safe zone in a world of meanies and players. Once trust is established, they'll enjoy going out, but also spend a lot of time at home, the start of lifelong nesting. Intimacy is sweet and sensual, and bonds their hearts like superglue.

Both ruled by the Moon, this relationship has intense ups and downs, with moods that linger over the atmosphere. Take it from someone brought up in a Cancer-Cancer household, when it's good, it's grand and when it's bad, it's horrid. On the choppy emotional sea, it can seem like nobody is steering the ship.

One or both players in this duet suddenly retreats from real or imagined hurt, and the silence is deafening. Without the subjectivity of other signs to balance it out, this pair drowns in their own emotional swamps. And being Cancers, it's not acted out in a direct way, but through complex passive actions meant to stir a reaction in the other.

Two Cancers make for a loyal pair, definitely marriage material, since security is at the top of the list. When they've started on the domestic path together, the defenses start to come down, and all energy goes into creating a cozy home.

They're ambitious cardinal signs, and this also is channeled back into the family empire. They share a love of history, family ties, especially Mother, affection, food and having an intimate, private, soulful romance. Two Cancers are over the Moon to raise a family, for the sense of intimate belonging it brings.

Unless their emotional tsunamis destroy what they've created, this is a sure thing.

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