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Susan Miller on the (Love) Astrology of 2013

Neptune, Love's Higher Octave


Susan Miller on the (Love) Astrology of 2013

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Editor's Note: In our annual chat, I reminded Susan Miller of Astrology Zone that she predicted Neptune Pisces would herald a time when lovers would crave face time. That the desire to feel and sense each other, in real time, would slowly eclipse the virtual.

She sees that happening, but says technology still has a way of keeping us on the surface and in the illusory. It's like skipping stones, instead of going deep. Here's her thoughts on Love in 2013:

Neptune and Love

Oh yeah, we’re texting too much. I feel we’re texting way too much! And we’re not seeing each other enough. Texting is short little sound bites, in a sense. And I see it with my friends. They’re not having any kind of meaningful discussion, other than surface kinds of things.

And it’s fun, and of course, it’s harmless, but unless you see each other, you know, that’s where it’s at. And I think we’re coming back to that with Neptune in Pisces. And Pisces is the opposite (energy-wise) of Aquarius. Aquarius (Neptune's previous placement) is brainy and intellectual and loves a great debate, is scientific and is always looking for facts.

Pisces knows that facts can be presented in many different ways. It depends on how the question is asked. Pisces is intuitive; Pisces wants to see the person, is romantic, is touchy-feely And now, Neptune is back home to its place, it rules Pisces and it hasn’t been there in 169 years and it’ll be there for another 13, it went in on February 3rd last year.

The Finest Gift

It’s a wonderful development. The last time we had Neptune in Pisces, it was the age of romanticism and also the Victorian age. And that’s when all the great poetry was produced, and certain music and the arts flourished. I think we have a lot to look forward to. And I think we’re going to get back in touch with our feelings.

And we’re going to realize not everything can be transmitted in a sentence. It has to be a look, a gesture, a smile, a touch and that the best thing we can give someone, the finest gift, is our attention, our full attention.

And I think a little of that is getting lost. Even with children shouting, “Mommy, look at me!” coming down the slide, and the mother is on the park bench looking at her Smartphone. She’s saying, “Oh yeah, that’s great," and not really looking. I’m worried about a whole generation of kids that are feeling shortchanged. Or you see couples in a restaurant looking at their phones instead of at each other.

No More Dress Up?

We have to look at certain events in our lives as special. Also, you know, you go to an opera, and people are dressed as if they’re going to be washing windows later in the day. I mean we don’t seem to dress up for things.

You know, we need that partition in our lives to feel like we’re going somewhere different. And have a whole spectrum of settings to be in, and and appropriate things to wear.

Love Letters

We’re losing something. You know where I really learned that was taking my Mother’s apartment apart. And I’d never gone through her things. Never. I don’t do that with other people, and I didn’t do it with my Mom. And she had a whole closet that I didn’t know about. I thought it was an emergency door for a fire. And that’s where all her astrology books were! And I got to keep them. You know, the ones from the 40s, when she was studying and the 30s all before I was born. I didn’t know she kept them. She studied with the Rosicrucians and some amazing astrologers that were alive then.

But we also found letters that she kept from my father. They were always together, so you might say, why did he write to her? But in the summers, we’d go to my Grandma's house for about six weeks up in the country 100 miles upstate. And she kept them!

And there, I can look at the stamp, I can look at the date, I can see my father’s handwriting his obvious love. He says, “Oh I can’t wait to see you. I’m so sorry about your sister’s cancer she must be in so much pain. I wish there was something I could do.” And I’m thinking, why is he writing to her? We had a phone. But then I realized he would work until 11 o’clock at night, at the store -- he had an Italian specialty store -- so he probably didn’t want to wake up the family.

And this was the only time he had, so he wrote to her saying, "I can’t wait to see little Susan and Butterball," my little sister who had all these golden curls. Signed, “Love, Tony.” And I just, omigosh, we are losing so much, by not having letters. Nobody saves emails. Nobody. I had a window into their marriage. I always knew they were close, but this showed me how close, so much closer than I knew.

I think we should spend a little time sending letters once in a while. Something somebody could save, so they could see the paper, the ink and the handwriting. We need to go back to some of that tenderness. And we need to stop a little bit.

Because in the end, when we look back on our lives, it’s going to be about what we did for other people, how we loved, and how we contributed to their lives. I think Neptune in Pisces is going to be a good thing.

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