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Winning the Aries Man


He's ruled by the red planet (Aries man is so absorbed in the moment that he may not notice you at first. He's got his eyes on the next prize. This makes it easier to observe him from afar, and develop a huge crush.

When his gaze finally does beam on you, don't wilt and play shy or too smitten. He doesn't want a done deal. That's an instant turn-off to such a forceful and confident man. He's looking for tension in romance, the thrill of the hunt, with the goodies kept at a tantalizing distance until the right moment. In old-school lingo, it's called playing hard to get.

In the bedroom, It takes a whole lotta woman to keep this man satisfied. He'll look at you with lusty desire, and make you feel like the hottest thing around. When you're new, you're the "It Girl" of the moment. He's impulsive in love, and comes on strong. He finds you ravishing, but don't let him eat you up in one sitting. Saying "No" sometimes and doing your own thing makes you fresh for your next encounter. And it does the trick to build his anticipation, and keep him in pursuit.

The Aries Man is full steam ahead, and gains momentum as the night goes on. You gotta have energy to spare to keep up. It's tempting to go along for the ride, since his energy has an animating effect. But it's wise to retain your own sense of rhythm in the relationship, what feels balanced for you. He's thrilling, but self-centered, and you should let that rub off on you, in a healthy way. He'll respect you for it, and come back for more.

The Aries man is impulsive, and this leads to a never ending series of infatuations. But winning his heart is another story, at times with a damned if you do, damned if you don't plot line. He's not into sharing his feelings, and will recoil at too much analyzing of the relationship. Trust me, don't go there. The Aries man enjoys games and feats, like winning a giant bear for you at the fair, or showing off by popping a wheelie. "Look what I can do!" is his appeal. The best response is awe, with some sincere adulation thrown in. But don't lay it on too thick, 'cause he'll grow angry if he feels "played."

And that's the tricky part, dealing with that super-sized ego. He doesn't want a pushover, but does need a fair amount of ego stroking. He's bright, and will respond to direct, daring communications. When he struts and swaggers around the room, let him know he's met his feisty, haughty, quick-witted match. Facing fears and moving toward your own dreams will impress him the most. As will standing up to him when he's an arrogant arse. A relationship that is fresh and full of new revelations keeps him by your side. In the end, the best path is to be your most dynamic self, and let the chips fall where they may.

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