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Win the Heart of a Taurus Man


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Along with knowing the Taurus nature, look to his Venus sign, for clues to the male Bull's feminine ideal.

The earthy Taurus guy has a settled nature, and often is a man of few words. He takes everything in, though it may take awhile.

His rhythm may seem slow, and he's resistant to changing his mind or his routine. Once he's fixed on you, he's going to embed you in his world. He'll likely be a loyal mate who has security on his mind. He makes an ideal provider, cuddly father and sensual lover. He's definitely marriage material.

A key to making this work is understanding that he's not going to change....the fix is in. He's a fixed sign that has a stubborn streak about his likes and dislikes. If you're restless and an excitement junkie, he's an immovable force that has no spontaneity. If you're in the market for a steady guy to share life's sensual pleasures with, he's your man.

In some ways, he's the true caveman guy who needs his creature comforts, gadgets and guilty pleasures. He's a Man's Man who enjoys being outdoors, even if its just hanging on the porch of the sport's bar with the fellas.

Taurus is Venus ruled, and this is a man soothed by beauty. He may have gifts working with his hands as a craftsman or his voice, like Taurean Bono Vox ("good voice.") He tends to go for the natural and feminine. Curves are a plus, as are showing them off with cottony or tactile fabrics that are organic to the touch. Some languid moves, like the long slow hair flip, catch his eye. He's got a heightened animal instinct, and will respond to subtle body language. He'll appreciate rhythmic sashaying, or seductive dining. And all this can go on without having to say a word.

The Gourmand

You've probably heard that Taurus has a refined palate. If you're trying to impress a Taurus guy, cook him an artful meal. That means taking the time to sautee the onions first, then the green peppers...timing everything to enhance the flavors. And show that you value quality by spending a little extra on the wine. Make it a long multi-course taste extravaganza that he won't soon forget.

Show the Taurus man that you're a lover of earthly pleasures. Be sure to have something aromatic on the stove or in the oven when he swings by. Learn the art of partner massage, and give him lots of hugs and reassuring back rubs.

What You See...is What You Get

The Taurus man is known as a simple guy. He'll recoil from having "the talk" about where you stand and what he's feeling. You can decipher how it's going by how much he's integrating you into his life. If he didn't think you were worthy, he probably wouldn't bother.

It's also crucial to be straightforward, and resist playing mind games. Sometimes it's tempting to generate interest by making the guy jealous, but it'll backfire with him. If he suspects he's being played, you'll see the rage of the Bull...then he'll be gone. The bottom line is to avoid trying to jar him awake with drama. He's best suited to someone that accepts and appreciates his calm, steady ways. Like all guys, he wants to be loved for who he is. If you're able to go with the mellow flow, and share life's simple pleasures with a steadfast mate, he's the one for you.

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