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Winning the Virgo Woman


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Delicate and Purposeful

If your love interest is a Virgo woman, it helps to know what a confounding, exquisite bird she is. Her physical presence is alluring, so finely tuned and all-natural. You'll sense not to rush in too quickly.

Are you tidy?  Do you have good manners?  She's watching closely!

She's picky in many ways, and this helps her keep her standards high.

In love, she uses cool discernment to observe, take mental notes, and this takes time. The traits she's looking for are integrity, kindness and inner strength. She steers clear of loose cannons, lazy or apathetic types, and those with no moral compass.


The Virgin is self-contained, whole. She stands apart, and can seem cold, but it's because she needs to stay clear in order to make constant refinements to her body, mind and spirit. Her body is like a subtle antennae, picking up signals about how to go forward. This can lead to what seems like peculiar rigidity with the routine.

She can eat some things, but not others, and it gets complicated. It pays to be perceptive, and become aware of her dining habits, as it'll dictate where you can go on dates. You'll get extra points for making the sensible choice.

Her focus is precise, and that's why she'll appreciate your notice of the little things. She doesn't like upsetting surprises, so don't make a spectacle on her birthday in a public place. What deepens her affection is the way you bring ease to her life, and encourage her never ending plans for self-improvement.

Instinct for Wholeness

The Virgo woman is smart, and likes to follow a rational line of thinking. You'll impress her by speaking intelligently, with good grammar. She's not one to agree, just to stroke your ego, and she'll be questioning until all the facts are well-researched. She's not one to do back flips over an idea, and that lack of passion can be deflating. But if you prove over time that you're mentally competent, her respect for your opinion will shine through.

The Virgin has an instinct for wholeness, and that is how she approaches love and dating. She's looking for true love and a life filled with everyday magic. She'll be deciding whether you can be woven into the tapestry of her life. It has to feel organic, while making practical sense in the day-to-day.

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