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Cancer and Libra Love Compatibility


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Upside: Homebody and home beautifier; enjoy entertaining; wide circle of friends and family; driven by relationships.

Downside: Homebody and social butterfly; A thinker and a feeler; passive aggressive tendencies; high drama.

Element and Quality Cardinal Water (Cancer) and Cardinal Air (Libra)

Modus Operandi

As two cardinal signs, Cancer and Libra go after what they want in very different ways. Cancer feels out new people emotionally, and may not sense a safe harbor with airy Libra.

The vivacious and/or charming Libra comes alive with an admirer.  Libra builds trust through the give and take, starting with light conversation. 

But keep in mind, the Moonchild is aloof at first, and very emotionally self-protective. The first few dates could be awkward, though Libra knows how to put others at ease.  The friction could go either way -- with extreme irritation or with edgy love tension.  Much depends on the other harmonies in the birth chart.

Submarine and Hovercraft (Guess Which is Which!)

Libra's initial love strategy is to be talkative and observing, and Cancer may find this too risky. The Moonchild might feel they're being pressed to share more than is comfortable.  Cancers take EVERYTHING personally, while Libra's are simply floating ideas out there.  Libra wants a call and response kind of relationship, but often feels that the insight gold he or she gives sinks to the bottom with a lost-at-sea Cancer.   

Libra finds Cancer a muddled thinker, too tossed about by their emotions. Libra thrives with a lively give and take in conversation. But something can be missing for the Crab -- the Libra sense of detachment raises alarms, because Cancer can't sense the feeling currents there.  Cancer is sending messages through waves, and a sonar is needed to get the full meaning. 

If they take a chance on love, Libra is a priceless sounding board for Cancer.  Libra's detachment, in loving hands, can help Cancer see beyond their own experience. Both have much to offer the other, if trust can be built to overcome basic differences here.


But both sense someone substantial, and perhaps the real thing. Libra seeks partnership, and Cancer aims to create a secure home -- if there's timing, a commitment between them ensues.

What bonds them is a shared desire for a harmonious home life. Libra's fixation on the relationship eases the insecurities of the Crab. This is an affectionate pair, focused on fulfilling the needs of the other.

They both shy away from conflict, and this could lead to repressed anger with the potential to be destructive. It's key here to trust each other enough to be truthful, even if it temporarily upturns the apple cart. The other issue is socializing -- Libra may want to hit the town, while Cancer is happiest at home or with a few close friends. But Cancer and Libra don't mind making compromises that enhance the relationship, and this ups the chances for an enduring life together.

Dating Games

Cancer and Libra Love Story

Trust Your Instincts

"I am a Libra to the core and he's the Cancer. Librans are very intuitiveands from the beginning I had a feeling that we would not work out but, true to nature, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and go out with him anyway. Disasterous! He was unromantic, selfish, and arrogant to name a few. We actually ended up being complete opposites, having absolutely nothing in common. Coming on this site and seeing that he as a Cancer falls under the "incompatible" column made me laugh, shake my head, and think "so true!"

—Guest Alexis

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