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Win the Heart of a Cancer Woman


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The Cancer woman can seem super shy at first, even to the point of not wanting to make eye contact. Great first dates are ones where the focus is on something else -- a movie, concert, play, activity. All the while, she's tuning in to how you "feel" to be with.

Emotional security is big with her, but she likes to go slow in love. This is a fine line for suitors to walk, since she'll want reassurance, but retreats if there's too much, too soon.

The Moonchild loves to nurture, and only really unwinds in the sanctity of her home. It's a good sign if she invites you over for a specially prepared meal. If she feels safe, she slowly reveals more layers. She's got a loony humor, and will appreciate your personal stories -- from childhood, and highs and lows from your life. She's got a steel trap memory, which is also photographic. It's wise to avoid stories that are harsh, or show a lack of empathy. It's not something she'll soon forget.

She's known to be touchy, and if offended or hurt, she can turn to stone. She might be smiling, but the light is gone from her eyes. That doesn't mean you're out for good. But she might need time alone, to be with her own private feelings. If you get the cold shoulder, give her some space and see if she comes 'round.

Loony Tunes

The lunar lady loves to laugh. A night of stand-up or watching a funny romantic comedy gets draws out her natural nuttiness. You win points by pointing out the absurd, or making her laugh at herself. The latter is tricky though, and takes a skilled and compassionate humorist not to hurt those sensitive feelings.

Sometimes her moods take her to dark places. If you love without judging, the waters will calm again. If you avoid playing on her insecurities, at her most vulnerable moments, the trust will grow. She's crazy, yes, at times, but that's what makes her so interesting too!

Some Cancer women retain a sense of the child, and that twinkly-eyed wonder serves them well into the elder years. But being there when she falls is key to helping her with a life thread of the Cancer Sun -- becoming emotionally independent, while deeply loving too.

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