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Cardinal Grand Cross, 2010-2012

A resource on the intense and rare alignments forming the Cardinal Grand Cross, 2010 to 2012.

June 2010 Grand Cross
Some info on the first grand cross of the Summer 2010, June 26th Full Moon in Capricorn/Lunar Eclipse.

Cardinal Grand Cross, 2010
Some notes on the Cardinal Grand Cross, Summer 2010

Cardinal T-Square Dates
The key dates for the cardinal t-square, 2008-2010.

Quotes on the Cardinal Cross/T-Square
Some great quotes from top astrologers on the cardinal t-square and cardinal grand cross of 2010-2012.

Steven Forrest on the Cardinal T-Square of 2010
Astrologer Steven Forrest on the Cardinal T-Square (Pluto-Uranus-Saturn) -- a "giant T in the sky" in summer of 2010.

The Cardinal Cross Years, 2010 to 2012
Jessica Murray on the incredible alignment of heavy hitter planets in cardinal signs, beginning in 2010.

Jessica Murray on the Cardinal Cross of 2010
Author Jessica Murray talks about the coming cardinal cross in her article, Higher Ground, World Altering Transits in the Year Ahead.

Summer of the Tiger, 2010
Mark Borax on leaping through to who you're becoming, in the summer of the Tiger, 2010.

Jessica Murray on Preparing for the Grand Cross
Jessica Murray on the best way to prepare for the times ahead: "Just Live Through the Chart."

John Townley on the Cardinal Cross of Summer, 2010
Practical and funny advice on staying out of the line of fire, along with important dates and times to watch out for.

International Astrology Day Blog Carnival
About International Astrology Day and this year's Blog Carnival showcasing articles on the cardinal t-square involving Pluto, Saturn and Uranus.

Cardinal Cross: Crisis and Climax
A concise overview from Universal Festival Calendar website, on the Cardinal Cross of Summer 2010.

Richard Nolle's 2010 Forecast with Cardinal Cross (July)
Astropro's Richard Nolle gives an overview of the 2010 forecast, and discusses the Cardinal Cross of Summer.

Ephemeris, 2009-2014
From Claire-France Perez of AncientSky.com: EPHEMERIS of eclipses and stations of Saturn through Pluto September 2009 through April 2014; a listing of hard aspects, only.

Summer of 2010 Cardinal Cross
An easy to understand explanation of the summer of 2010's cardinal cross.

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