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International Astrology Day Blog Carnival

Handling Cardinal T-Square Challenges


International Astrology Day Blog Carnival

There's a lot of anticipation (fear, dread, excitement, etc) about this year's cardinal t-square and grand cross (see dates here). It's natural to feel that way since it's a rare alignment of planets in cardinal signs, sure to bring chaos and shocks, as catalysts for transformation.

So, in the spirit of collaboration, three astrologers are presenting the 1st International Astrology Day Blog Carnival. The theme this year is "Keys to Effectively Handling the Cardinal T-Square Challenges" with loads of articles for each of the big cosmic players involved -- Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. I'm honored to be contributing to the Uranus collection with Uranus Aries for Teens: Young Fool at the Edge.

It's meant to be a permanent resource with useful info to help you navigate the intensity of the times. This quote from the press sheet sums up the challenge: "Our ability to keep up with the pace of change will depend upon our readiness to set clear boundaries, plan for the unexpected, hold things in perspective, apply the wisdom of our experience and keep our minds and bodies in balance while all around us is in flux."

What great timing (they must be astrologers)! The collection of articles is being unveiled starting this Friday (March 19th), which coincides with this year's International Astrology Day. This is a day of observance for astrologers and astrology enthusiasts that falls on or near the astrological new year (Sun into Aries.)

Over 50 astrologers have contributed to one of the three host bloggers' showcase of articles. These host astrologers are Donna Cunningham of Sky Writer, Mandi Lockey of Astro Air and CJ Wright of Auntie Moon.

The themes are:

  • Pluto: So you've STILL got Pluto problems?
  • Saturn: Take care of Saturn and Saturn will take care of you.
  • Uranus in Aries: Claiming a self-reliant future.
You can find all the articles at the 2010 Astrology Carnival main site. I'm excited to get insights from other astrologers, each of whom I'm sure have a piece of the big picture. In our own journeys, we can integrate these insights and use that awareness to face what's coming.

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