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Christianity and Astrology

Articles and links to resources on astrology and the Christian tradition.

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Christian astrologer and author Carmen Turner-Schott on the Age of Aquarius.

Astrology in the Bible
Christian astrologer and author Carmen Turner-Schott looks at astrological references in the Bible, and how it can be interpreted.

Christianity, Reincarnation and the Astrological Nodes
Christian astrologer Carmen Turner-Schott considers the North/South nodes of the Moon, reincarnation and how this fits with her Christian faith.

Astrology and the Bible
Molly Cliburn's article on biblical references to the stars.

Astrology from a Christian's Perspective
Christian astrologer Carmen Turner-Schott shares her journey to understanding astrology as a spiritual tool that confirms God's plan for each of us.

Why Astrology is Considered Occult
Christian astrologer and mystic Carmen Turner-Schott looks at how astrology became feared as "occult" in Christianity, and how lineages of ancient knowledge continue to be concealed in many denominations.

The Shining Star of Bethlehem
Christian mystic and astrologer Carmen Turner-Schott on the Star of Bethlehem, the Three Magi, and how Christianity's earliest beginnings are intertwined with astrology.

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