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Horoscopes 2009


Horoscopes 2009

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If any sign can thrive in a time of "Firsts," it's you Aries. Stay productive this year by shoring up your foundation. Beginning next year, the shocker Uranus has you in its sights. Use any precious calm to let go of self-destructive behaviors, and reach for optimal health. Read more about Aries in 2009.

Who's that cool character who seems in synch with the universe? It's Taurus in 2009. Make sure to keep it well-rounded, with both work and pleasure. Read more about Taurus in 2009.

You have no problem with paradox, Gemini. This makes it easier for you to accept things as they are, and roll with the changes. Read more about Gemini in 2009.

Don't cast pearls before swine in 09, Cancer. And don't fret over stuff that might happen. Go for the creative gold, and prove to yourself that you've been right all along -- you do have something valuable to share. Read more about Cancer in 2009.

It's a year to make friends with strange people. These authentic oddballs remind you to broadcast yourself in a unique way. It might be time to experiment with your public image, especially if you're changing careers. Read more about Leo in 2009.

Your instinct for wholeness can be your stabilizing anchor in this weird economy. make sure you keep to the daily schedule that keeps you sane. Healing yourself, and staying balanced is a key to growth in all areas. Read more about Virgo in 2009.

It's a year of going out on a limb, Libra, and testing your own courage in new experiences. When your passion is stirred and it is rooted in your values, you'll know you've hit on the right risks. Read more about Libra in 2009.

You're like a newborn babe, Scorpio, seeing life with fresh eyes. You don't have to carry the heavy load in 2009. Read more about Scorpio in 2009.

You've been through some stuff (expletive here!) in the last few years, and people sense that. You've been seasoned, and can move swiftly toward your goals. Read more about Sagittarius in 2009.

What's going on within you, Capricorn, is a mirror of what's happening to society at large. Pluto loves to break people down, so the explosive core can be released. Just knowing that it's a natural process, can help you plan your strategy. Read more about Capricorn in 2009.

Everything can change for you this year, Aquarius. You'd have to really be blind to miss the luck coming your way. You are in demand, whether it's starting a revolution or inventing some earth-saving technology. Share your brilliance widely in 2009. Read more about Aquarius in 2009.

Pisces, you're being tested in a cosmic vice, pulling you in two directions. The result is that you're maturing as a person who can turn your life into art. You can deal, and that's good to know. Read more about Pisces in 2009.

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