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Astrology and Predictions


Astrology and Predictions

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Beware the all-knowing future predictor!

A wise astrologer with a knowing look gives you a "prediction" or makes a shocking statement about your life. The words or phrase sticks with you; it haunts you, and you wonder, is it true? A client of mine recently saw a roadside Tarot reader, who told her point blank -- "Your love door is closed." Is this true, she wondered? If my love door is closed, how can I open it? Of course, the reader wanted her to pay for a healing to open the love door. The suggestion that more sessions are needed, with more fees, is a red flag that there may be other motives.

I've been an intuitive astrologer and Tarot reader for many years, and am still wary of making fixed-in-stone predictions. I'm very aware of how open and impressionable people are when they come for a reading. The role of the "reader," in my view, is to empower the readee to work with the energies of the birth chart, to fulfill the potential there. The transits can be seen as markers in the path that help us fulfill our destiny.

Co-creating the future?

As a reader, I want to paint a nuanced portrait of what's at play, without being too rigid about "what will happen" in the future. Much of that comes from how we deal with a difficult transit, or whether we make the most of a lucky one. This gets into the issue of fate vs. free will, which is discussed eloquently by Rick Levine in this interview on Conscious Media Network.

He uses the metaphor of a sailor who is working with the wind conditions. An accomplished sailor can work with the wind masterfully; in the same way, an aware person can use a difficult transit as a transformational tool. Levine says because of the awareness and access to information, we have more more free will than our ancestors. He calls it having more metaphysical mobility!

Stories about who we are can be limiting.

Levine gets into the fascinating topic of quantum wave and particle physics, and how it relates to fate vs. free will. We are swimming in a field of infinite potential, in theory. But when we start to tell a story about who we are, says Levine, "we've popped the quantum wave field into a particle." In the same way, coming into a story about the chart can be limiting, or it can be a way of understanding our journey.

I've been in situations where an intuitive starting to tell my story, and I know right away, it didn't jibe. Maybe it was too rooted in society's mores for my liking, or it presumed something about me that wasn't true. The story told by an astrologer can be sweeping and uplifting, or it can be deflating. The interpretation is coming from the astrologer-reader's own spiritual consciousness. That's why I recommend finding a reader though word-of-mouth in your community, or someone whose writings you admire.

Take what's true, leave the rest.

It's important for those seeking advice on the future to realize that every astrologer, or Tarot, palm, aura reader is coming from a certain perspective. This can color the reading with the bias of the one giving it. It's very hard to be a perfectly "clear channel." But a skilled reader with integrity can help you see something that you can't. If you get a gut-level feeling that someone is not coming from a good place, you're probably right on.

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