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The Full Moon: Magic & Rituals

Info on working with the energies of the Full Moon, with ritual, intentions and more.

Capricorn Full Moon in the Houses
Horoscope by Houses - Full Moon in Capricorn - The Power of Keeping it Real - Endings & Beginnings

Full Moon in Pisces
Magic happens at the Full Moon in Pisces, arguably the most 'spiritual' of all lunar peaks.

Full Moon Magic
Full Moons are a spirited peak in the lunar cycle for magical workings, and taking action.

Aquarius Full Moon in Houses
Horoscope for Full Moon in Aquarius in the houses -- surprise illumination, the shock of the new, originality and rebellion.

Capricorn Full Moon
A marvelous grand trine for an emotionally moving and fortifying Capricorn Full Moon (June 23, 2013).

Full Moon Ritual
The full Moon is a culmination, and a time to release what's been evoked since the new Moon. It's a time to let go and step into the new in a big way.

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