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All About Gemini

A one-stop resource for everything Gemini, including love compatibility and profiles.
  1. Gemini Love Matches (12)

Dark Side of Gemini
Gemini Dark Side: Two Faced - Duplicity, Evil Genius - Readers Share

Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Gemini
Twelve Tips for Sun in Gemini time (May 21st to June 21).

About Gemini
Gemini, the Zodiac sign of the Twins (May 21-June21), traditional associations (gems, flowers, colors) and standout traits.

Winning the Gemini Man
Some tips on romancing the Gemini man.

Sun in Gemini
A profile of the Sun in Gemini with a list of famous examples.

Planets in Gemini
A little on each of the planets in Gemini, with a link to longer interpretations.

The Crazy Beautiful Mind
The Gemini woman is tuned into many frequencies, and often veers into uncharted mental waters.

The Magic Man
He's the eternal bachelor of the Zodiac, a one-man show that's never boring.

Gemini Women Quotes
A few choice words by the mercurial mistress of the Zodiac.

Gemini Men on Love
Some thoughts on love by the mercurial Gemini man.

Gemini Women Love Quotes
Some musings on love from the magical changeling of the Zodiac.

Gemini Men Quotes
Some random thoughts from the magician and shapeshifter, Gemini.

Cafe Astrology on Angelina Jolie
A look at mass mesmerizer Angelina Jolie, a Gemini with strong cardinal influences.

Gemini Wellness Rx
Holistic astrologer and author Stephanie Gailing has wellness tips for when the Sun is in Gemini (May 20 to June 21).

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