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Love Match: Gemini and Virgo

Mercurial Misfits


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Upside: Stimulating conversations; flexible thinkers; experimental; gift for synthesis; adaptable and accepting of others.

Downside: Virgo more routine oriented, Gemini less so; detached with emotions; analyzing everything to death; love not taking root

Mutable Air (Gemini) and Mutable Earth (Virgo)

Gemini and Virgo are big thinkers and talkers, which gives them a good rapport at the outset. Their minds light up with such a witty companion, and soon there's a vigorous stream of ideas passing back and forth. They offer reviews of movies, books, restaurants, political commentary, and opine into the evening.

But while Virgo is precise, Gemini's communication style is like a fine mist, spraying everywhere. Soon, Virgo may start to wonder if Gemini is a bit of a loose cannon. Things turn sour when Gemini picks up on Virgo's critical vibe. Gemini throws caution to the wind, while Virgo prefers things to be planned out.

Both are Mercury-ruled, and with lots of understanding, could benefit long term from the different slant of the other. Gemini helps Virgo think outside the box. Virgo's focus brings clarity, and helps Gemini direct its mental surges. A sticking point is spontaneity, since it's what Gemini thrives on and what sends Virgo into nervous spasms of worry.

Virgo wants Gemini to show up on time, and craves the familiar, having a routine. Gemini bores easily, and prefers to keep things "up in the air." It's a meeting of minds, but they may not find a deeper reason to be together. For this to endure, they'll have to apply their sharpness and ability to analyze to the built-in conundrum of their clashing personae.

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