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Win the Heart of a Gemini Woman


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There are no awkward silences on first dates with the Gemini woman. This can be a relief, and an icebreaker. She's whipsmart, and often very funny. She's easy to be with from the get-go, light and social. It's great to go places and do things with lots of food for thought -- galleries, film festivals, fashion shows, street fairs.

Wit and Charm

The Gemini woman is mentally bright, and is always seeking the new and unusual. She'll enjoy short tales from your life, but do remember with her brevity and variety is the spice of life. She's known to skip topics without warning, and gets bored if bogged down in any one thing. She loves language, so show off rare or words you've made up. You're really cooking when you make her laugh.

She's always eager to see life from another angle. So she'll love it if you're able to paint a picture, or eloquently present a viewpoint. She's a social observer, collecting bits and pieces, for her own amusement and knowledge. See if you can add to that, from your own life experiences. She also enjoys people-watching, so sidewalk cafes on busy streets are favored over the corner table in an out of the way bistro.

Free as a Bird

The Gemini woman is flirty and fun-loving. She likes to keep a light hold on friends because she herself craves freedom.  She wants the freedom to be different every time you see her.  Her mutable nature means she's happiest when changing.  This can be obvious when she's zipping through different styles, mindsets and catching the latest currents of fascination. 

She doesn't like to be figured out, or held to an opinion she stated last week.  If you've got fixed ideas or need to follow a linear train of thought, she'll drive you crazy!

An impressive gift is one that appeals to her mind. If you've got a rapport there, can hold her interest, you're on your way.

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