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Weekly Love 'Scope


Weekly Love 'Scope

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Love Horoscope for the Week of October 20th to October 26th

Aries The reactions of those closest to you reveals much, and helps unravel an inner mystery. Venus in fiery Sagittarius puts you in a jokey, flirty mood, so that nothing serious lingers too long.

Taurus Dreams or waking epiphanies give clues to the emotional backstory behind a relationship issue. You see that there's more than meets the eye, and this leads to deepening intimacy.

Gemini Humor helps you breeze through awkward moments, while acknowledging what's going on. A bright, sparking person enters your orbit, and piques your curiosity.

Cancer The serious work of resolving the past is in your relationship sphere for the next while. With each mini and major release, you are freed up, and there's more space for new love.

Leo Some daring moves don't feel too risky, since Venus in Sagittarius makes it all a playful game. A good week to 'make eyes' and be alluring, having fun with your sexy persona.

Virgo Being on the move with your mate, or on a date, is exhilarating. A cultural event, where you're exposed to new foods or crafts, gets a vibrant conversation going.

Libra Some tensions this week, as you struggle to find a higher balance in relationships. Your ambitions take you forward, change you, and that puts you on steadier ground to be with others.

Scorpio You shun a tight hold, but do want to experience soulful depths this week. The Sun and Mars in your sign stokes the fires, and sets a mood of play and passion.

Sagittarius With Venus in your sign, you're in the hot seat. This transit puts ease in relationships, spreads good vibes, and generally gives you good love mojo.

Capricorn A week when you're witness to hidden sides of those you know, and within yourself. It's a challenge to drop labels, and step into the unknown, where people and things are not always what they seem.

Aquarius Edgy, dramatic emotions in others stir things up, and may feel like new relationship territory. The weekend's airy Moon is an opportunity to find balance again.

Pisces Much is said in body language and looks, and intimacy can happen in crowded places. Sharing art that heals or provokes, brings you even closer.

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