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Jessica Murray on 2012 Shootings


Jessica Murray on 2012 Shootings

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Editor's Note: Author Jessica Murray (see her bio) has sharp, wise eyes when it comes to current events. Her book Soul-Sick Nation pops with courageous insights about the republic America's energetic story -- using its first chart from 1776, also known as the Sibly chart.

Also see her presentation (from November 2012 at CIIS in San Francisco) on Freedom and Power: The Uranus-Pluto Years. In her words, it's a "talk about how popular superstitions surrounding the Dec 21st (2012 "End Times" date) have undermined its larger meaning."

From Jessica Murray:

The massacre in Newtown is an expression of an epoch ending. We are seeing ever more extreme expressions of the social dysfunctions that accompany a dying age.

This latest massacre has grabbed the American public in its Cancer heart ( Sibly chart), eliciting primal fears that our children are not safe.

Security issues including gun availability and parenting are being shaken to the core as the country's Sun starts to be hit by Uranus and Pluto (peaking 2014-5). The Cancer archetype was there in the way we were emotionally wrenched by the extreme youth of these latest innocents; it was there in the maternal courage of those teachers who died protecting the children, offering up an image of female heroism rarely honored in patriarchal culture.

On the flip side of the Cancer archetype, young Lanza's first victim seems to have been a personification of the Dark Mother, a survivalist who regularly took her son to the shooting range (Moon-Pluto conjunction in the chart of the shooting).

I found myself wondering how many violent video games the lad had been exposed to, all part of a normal modern boyhood. The public conversation is also turning to the issue of meds. Is treating troubled young people (Mercury square Chiron in massacre chart) with psychotropic drugs a responsible approach or an evasion of responsibility (US Saturn)?

And then there is LIBOR. I don't know what the statisticians would say about the likelihood of this latest young killer having a father who was scheduled to testify about LIBOR (the London Interbank Offered Rate), just as the Aurora killer's father was. But transit-trackers see the connecting thread of Pluto (manipulation) in Capricorn (economic systems).

The LIBOR scandal is the next step up from the Wall Street debacle: now that we are in the exactitude years (2012-2015) we have a swindle in the multi-trillion-dollar range, whose perps have the whitest-collars yet (Pluto). Were a fraud this massive to be fully absorbed by the collective mind, it could crank up public reaction to revolutionary pitch ( Uranus).

All great epochal shifts (see below) exaggerate the imbalances that arise from obsolete systems, making the need for deep-structure change too obvious to miss.

Bonus Commentary by me (Molly Hall)

Jessica Murray alludes to strange links between these two events, and its in these bizarre "coincidences" that we get a flash of a hidden hand. Did you also see that astonishingly that the words Aurora and Sandy Hook appear in the movie Dark Knight? This is spooky cultural terrain -- evidence of predictive programming == where it's wise to look deeply into news events, and to question.

These events are designed to rachet up fear, but they also wake people up. It begins with the vague sense that something doesn't add up. I don't watch the news, but did become aware of this latest horror and it felt energetically like a fear wave. These waves wash through the collective, and then dissipate....then the next one comes. It's as if a certain pitch is needed, calling for ever more appalling extremes. In fear, we are vulnerable; we contract instead of expand; we despair and our vibe is lowered. In the grip of doom, we are morose, easy to control and less likely to rebel, create, receive higher energies.

In this age, the hidden hand (of global power) is being revealed for those with eyes to see. These traumas, drilled in by the media, are its visible handiwork. A primer I've mentioned before is Sinister Forces trilogy, subtitled "A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft. It's dark and dangerous material, the history of black projects and shadow power, and not for those wishing to remain blissfully unaware.

But these times have that element of danger, for those who know too much, or journalists who don't follow the script. One expression of Pluto Capricorn is entrenched, secret power -- a cabal -- that's grown deep roots in our psyches and systems. But knowledge is power, and those who question gain a certain freedom from these orchestrated events.

As a deeply feeling person who loves children and animals, as well as the child in all of us, I hurt when others hurt. Children and childhood is seemingly under attack more fiercely of late, all over our besieged planet. Perhaps with Saturn in Scorpio, we will confront the sexualization of children, pedophilia and other dynamics of psychic poison and control.

I see this latest affront to innocence as more cause to disengage, while sending love and prayers. To refuse to support demonic culture in any form. From my view, there's a shadow so-called "global elite," and their agenda is to disarm Americans -- this is standing in the way of full frontal fascism. This is where Jessica and I might disagree, since I see an attempt here to demonize "doomsday preppers." Who in their right mind, wouldn't be preparing for self-sufficiency these days? Taking initiative is the sphere of Uranus Aries, being the pioneer, independent and the warrior archetype.

My strategy with these overwhelming media events is protect the innocence of my own psyche by not taking in the programming. That doesn't mean my heart doesn't go out, and that I don't feel it "in the ethers" because I do. But having that cushion helps me make choices to heal and stay strong in this time when anything is possible.

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