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What's Your Jupiter Sign?

Luck, Growth, Faith


What's Your Jupiter Sign?

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In astrology, Jupiter is like a beacon in your birth chart, guiding you to become your most outrageously realized Self. It's the planetary essence that generates potential for expanding beyond your sense of who you are. Jupiter guides you to your big dreams, those that seem nearly impossible to achieve. This planet shows up in your life as a pull toward your aspirations, through an inner drive, sense of destiny, serendipity, helpful friends, lucky breaks, and fateful events.

Sometimes Jupiter calls you out to take risks, and the result in doing that is a faith that life is unfolding as it should. The element points out the medium -- whether you're working with ideas (air signs), tangibles and structures (earth signs, emotional and imaginative knowing (water signs) or instinctual awareness (fire signs.)

The sign and house position show where and how those signs of destiny will appear in your life. Find out about your Jupiter by looking for the Jupiter symbol on the birth chart.

Jupiter in Aries: You've got an undeniable lust for life, and force of fire to go after what you want. Your courage is inspiring to others. You shine when reaching forward confidently at the edge of new experience. You add sparks of excitement everywhere you go, and are a catalyst for others. You are energized by the new, and love travel, impossible challenges and being the one others follow. Total faith in Self leads you to thrust aggressively toward your goals. You're a physical dare-devil, vigorous, larger-than-life, dynamic, a born-leader and trailblazer.

Jupiter in Taurus: You are sure-footed on solid ground, and have highly keen senses to enjoy what's all around you. You find spirit in matter, and your faith can be renewed in natural settings. You're often gifted with an artistic eye and ability to create beauty around you. Wealth is a big motivator for you, because you feel secure when surrounded by the abundance, luxuries, comforts and pleasures of life. You're a naturalist, nurturer of children and animals, outdoorsy, materialist, provider, builder, artist and likely do well as an entrepreneur in the market.

Jupiter in Gemini: You shine when delighting in ideas, and learning ever more. You're drawn to each sparkly tidbit of what there is to know out there. Your wheels are always turning, and you thrive in fast-paced, always-evolving settings. You're highly social and learn fascinating new things from everyone you meet. You're able to absorb loads of information, and reshape it into new and stimulating forms for others. Your destiny is to be the Messenger. You're drawn to fields like writing, drama, filmmaking, music, child-nurturing, comedy and teaching -- life fields where ideas are broadcast to the world.

Jupiter in Cancer: You've got a generous spirit that loves to feed, comfort and make others feel secure. You're gifted at creating a homey feeling wherever you go in the world. You sense the emotional undercurrents of a situation, and know when others are vulnerable. You're ambitious, and follow a path led by your powerful emotions and intuition. Your gifts translate well to deep healing and care; providing homes (from real estate to social work); business, artistic expression, high cuisine and food prep in general, remembering history and family.

Jupiter in Leo: You shine when your self-expression comes out in a grand, cultivated, confident way. You see yourself as the star in an epic, with many meaningful turns in the road. You're drawn to colorful people, and your own personality is at times, wonderfully over-the-top. You're able to step into leadership in a way that others respect. A sense of play, delight, romance, holidays, celebrations, parties -- all these renew your spirits. Your gifts may emerge through drama (acting), artistry of another kind, cultivating the talents of children as a teacher and/or parent, in business and leader in the community.

Jupiter in Virgo: You feel on the right track when rooted in a routine that is productive, and in harmony with your high standards. You've got gifts of discrimination, discipline, and the ability to help yourself and others refine life. You've got the grace that comes with knowing the value of service to community. You're likely drawn to healing others, volunteering, or just known for lending a hand when its needed most. You understand systems, and are on a mission to offer your insights for holistic improvement. Your gifts translate well to the healing arts, public service, anything that requires analysis, restoring integrity to work life, medicine, food production or working with animals. You've got a natural instinct to be part of the healing of the Earth from the Industrial Age.

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