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Leo and Pisces Compatibility

Play Mates


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Upside: Artistic; optimists; generous hearts; see the best in others; deeply rooted in personal (subjective) experience; big hearted; enthusiastic; curious; good friends; loving. Downside: selfish streak; impulsive; going beyond own limits; addiction issues; fantasy vs. reality; denial; King/Queen (Leo) and subject (Pisces); big ego vs. struggle for sense of self.

Element and Quality: Fixed Fire (Leo) and Mutable Water (Pisces)

Leo and Pisces bop along together smiling, both being gifted with vivid imaginations and a childlike sense of play. Pisces will be drawn to the self-assurance of the Lion, perhaps hoping that confidence will rub off on them. Leo knows its found a compassionate heart in Pisces, one that has the capacity to love deeply and be loyal.

Pisces can be a wide-eyed admirer of Leo's charisma. The Lion feels lucky to have found such a good listener. Dates can take a spontaneous turn, both able to take off their adult masks, and let go. They're apt to see the humor in life, and try to keep each other entertained.

Fire and Water

The trouble with this mix of elements, is that fire can leave water parched and missing emotional subtlety. And on the flip side, water (Pisces) can drown out fire's enthusiasm.

Leo's constant need for approval can be draining to Pisces. The sign of the Fishes is easily overwhelmed, and needs time to refill the well. Leo is oten emphatic, and ready to act spontaneously on what grabs their heart. Pisces can appear more cautious, because it takes time for them to know how they feel, and what they want to do.

Leo is a natural leader, and Pisces doesn't mind going with the flow. But here's where a pattern can develop that becomes unhealthy. Leo is often a worldly creature, with big ambition to be known on bigger and bigger stages. Pisces is just as theatrical, but is often disinterested in being out in the spotlight, preferring the rich, dark o the private sphere. Each will want to be respected, or their sphere of influence -- one out center stage, the other mostly behind the scenes.

The sensitive Pisces mirrors and absorbs moods, and they may lose their sense of self around the more demanding Lion. Without meaning to, a Pisces who flounders around and is loose with affections, makes Leo see red.

A dreamy, confused Pisces is maddening to the Leo looking for more direct, passionate contact. When Pisces is lost at sea, they're the ultimate wet blanket for the Lion's need for immediate enthusiasm.

Pisces thrives with a strong companion to help them shape their vast talents into some form. If Leo has integrity, and doesn't abuse the Pisces' trust, their natural confidence lights the way through the fog. Leo helps Pisces burn off the confusion. At the same time, Pisces leads Leo out of the dominion of me, myself and I, and into the mystical. Pisces has a big impact on the spiritual life of Leo, drawing them into an enchanted world where the universe is always sending signals. Both have gifts to offer the other -- these shine brightest in creative self-expression, friendship, raising children and random acts of kindness.

Both pride themselves on being the generous type. Together they can throw fun, magical parties that are way over-the-top. Leo's radiant nature has an impact on those around them, while Pisces' gift is felt on a more subtle level. Leo can use its personal power to nurture the self-hood and expression of Pisces.

Through osmosis, Pisces takes Leo further into the mysterious, and that only heightens their creativity. This is a challenging pairing that thrives when both realize they're artists at heart, but working in different mediums.

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