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What Does a Libra Male Want?


What Does a Libra Male Want?

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Libra Men - The Love Type

Let's think, shall we, on the Libra male. And then open the floor for the genuine article to share his tastes and turn offs. He is Venus ruled, but instead of earthy-sensual like Taurus, his Venusian nature is airy, drawn to what aesthetically pleases. Ruled by the love goddess, being in relationship is a quest, and a charged area of life for him.

I have a Libra friend who is a (nude) artist's model, so he is the object of the gaze. Libra's are intense watchers, as cardinal signs, they are sizing things up, weighing options. They like to gaze on beauty, and reflect on how that complements their own attractiveness. You might hear those wheels turning while out on a date!

This Libra friend is very comfortable with women, and has many female friends - the Venus influence. What's notable is that there's usually one significant girlfriend -- serial monogamy -- but a wide circle of friends, some of which move into the friends with benefits category. We have to factor in, this is a Libra, with Gemini Moon. A very social creature that finds it hard to touch down into a settled relationship. But being Libra, he is always in a twosome.

Who Am I With You?

Libra men are often charming and socially confident. There's fewer awkward moments, in those first dates, since he knows how to put a woman at ease. What's the stereotype? He loves ultra feminine women, bright minds, classic put-together looks, an appreciation (or participation) in the arts.

A Libra guy wants to make the best choice in love. If he has a wandering eye, or seems preoccupied, this could make a lover uneasy. He might be imagining life with another!

The polarity is Aries, the sign of "I am." And Libra is the first sign of knowing the self through what's reflected in the eyes of another (or the public).

More than any other sign, he gets his sense of self through the relationship. A main focus is the give and take, and how the two of you harmonize. He's looking for someone to complement him, but also challenge him. Don't forget, this is a cardinal sign, with an internal pressure to push into new ground. Through Libra and love, this can mean actively (and at times, forcefully) upgrading the relationship.

The detachment of Libra makes them great observers. The Libra man can be an astute listener, and reflect back some clarity for a friend or lover. And this goes far, in being able to see patterns that rear up, so as to move beyond them as a couple.

Straight from the Source

A Libra reader Bill shared his insights on the Libra and Pisces relationship. He writes, "In conversations, I can meet people at their own level – I possess the uncanny ability to see things through your eyes. Excellent conversationalist!! I’m very intelligent and sometimes hide this with a laid back charm as not to be intimidating."

He continues, "The ladies that I find most appealing have good taste. Good conversationalist, intelligent and honest. Dress well but reveal just enough skin. Don’t give me insight to everything about you all at once. Make me want to know and see more of you! You will need to become my friend first before moving towards a romantic relationship with me. Expect that the goal will be a relationship, not just sex."

Bill's entry inspired me to start this series, so Libra men can share what's true for them. If you've loved a Libra man, feel free to click on the link below, as well. Share as much, or as little as you'd like!

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