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Sun Capricorn with Mars Gemini


With your Mars Gemini and Sun sign Capricorn, your witty charm and way with words often makes you the life of the party. They sense your substance, and want to know what makes you tic. If you get shy or go behind your wall of control, telling jokes and funny stories bolsters your confidence again. You’re openly playful and flirty, but it often takes years to truly know you.

Mars Gemini means you find a flexible mind a highly desirable quality in a lover. Your eyes stay twinkling in a bond with plenty of stimulation and novelty. While single, you have more than one lusty playmate – variety and change give your restless spirit a thrill. A trustworthy mate that’s also a bit of a nut, is kept around.

Your detached, cool nature initially resists getting down and dirty in a committed bond. That can feel heavy and limiting, until you find the right partner. You need lighthearted fun in the sack, but won’t go further, unless there’s a purpose to your affair. The ideal mate is a partner for social events – someone that makes you look good in public – and knows how to lighten things up.

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