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Sun Cancer with Mars Aries


With Mars in Aries and your Sun sign Cancer, your aloof reserve toward your love interest is punctuated by sudden surges of ardent desire. The mask you wear hides a passionate lover ready to burst out. But since impetuous leaps are often hazardous to your sensitive heart, you make bold moves only toward a sure thing. The fiery lust that runs in your veins finds full expression in the warmth of an enduring relationship.

A subtle power to charm and seduce gives you smoldering charisma when you need it most. You shine with a mate who also exudes confidence -- walking arm-in-arm with your sexy lover makes you beam. An enchanting evening on the town can be the pretense for an evening-long seduction.

Your nurturing nature emerges in longtime bonds, making you a cuddly catch.  Mars Aries makes for spontaneous gestures of affection make you a highly demonstrative mate -- nights spent cozying up on the couch at home suit you just fine. Giving sentimental mementos out of the blue shows the depths of your emotion.

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