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Sun Capricorn with Mars Taurus


With Mars in Taurus and your Sun sign Capricorn, you show cool reserve initially, and protectively guard your passionate nature. With an architect's eye for structure, you want love ties with lasting appeal. Slow, steady moves toward intimacy give you time to test the strength of what's being created.

Though you may not show affection at first, the right lover senses the depth of your natural sensuality. In moments of shared silence, your animal physicality can be felt as a formidable presence. The ideal lover coaxes out the layers of your sensuality through patient, confident touch.

Mars Taurus means for you, sex can be an erotic feast of the senses -- flavored oils, edible delicacies and luscious fabrics all add to the atmosphere. The pleasure of lovemaking can often be the glue that ties you to your lover -- that's why you want to make the right choice. A vigorous tussle in the bedroom resolves conflicts that arise, and restores loving balance.

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