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Mercury in Leo


Quality and Element:

Mercury's Themes:

engaging speaker, colorful language, dramatic, passionate, confident, inspiring, grand visions, heart-felt

Possible Challenges:

trouble with details, short attention span, arrogant, inflexible, egotistical, unrealistic

Notables with Mercury in Leo:

Tim Burton, Daniel Radcliffe, Courtney Love, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Roman Polanski, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Sean Penn, Lyndsay Lohan, Kevin Bacon, Robin Wiliams, Bill Clinton, Marianne Williamson, Nelson Mandela, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The Leo Mentality:

When Mercury is expressed through the fire sign of Leo, the result is a mind aflame with passion. Whatever draws the attention of Mercury in Leo, in the spontaneous moment, becomes the focus of great concentration. While it lasts, you energize an idea, and bring it to life through colorful language that inspires others, too.

If this is your Mercury, the mind prefers the dramatic to the mundane, which is why you're a riveting speaker. You excel at public speaking, performance, and knowing how to win the hearts of others by 'painting a picture.' You know how to hold the spotlight, but should watch that you don't over do it. Using humor and a sense of play softens your tendency to go over the top with a "me, me, me" ego-based style of communication.

Your warmth in social situations is contagious, and makes it easy for you to make new friends. When you're sparked by what's interesting about another, you've got a gift for bringing out that potential. This makes you a champion of the passions of others. When your own fire is stoked by something, it captures your imagination. But if you're heart is not into it, it's hard for you to fake it.

Having Mercury in a fire sign allows you to take intuitive leaps in your thinking. In Leo, there's always a huge ego investment in what you're doing. This can cause you to take disagreements too personally, since it seems that others are questioning you. Your pride can be injured if an idea is shot down, for example. It's also more challenging for you to get lost in the anonymity of brainstorming. You want and need to be recognized for the uniqueness of your ideas.

Your mind is lit up, when there's a potential for glory and self-expression. Your gift is adding the flourishes. You might write a book in broad strokes, while the editor takes care of the fact-checking and grammar. What makes you a great teller of dramatic tales, can also get you in trouble with tall tales, as the truth is "dramatized." You're rarely boring, and usually have a funny story or two to tell. Your theatrical style makes you a 'character,' as a leader, artist, friend, parent and mate.

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