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Mercury in Scorpio


Quality and Element:

Mercury Themes:

intuitive, penetrating, probing, curiosity, drawn to mysteries, persistent, focused

Possible Challenges:

paranoia, cynicism, negativity, sarcasm, combative, obsessive, dismissive

The Scorpio Mentality:

Mercury in Scorpio in a birth chart gifts the person with a searching mind. It's as if they send the information they pick up through a maze of channels deep within. Often they seem to pick up on everything, especially what goes unsaid. What they offer has depth, while going to the heart of the matter. They may churn over something before offering a perspective.

As a water sign, they read emotional vibes, and are the first to spot a liar. Because of this radar for what's off, they sometimes seem obsessed with other people's character flaws. They are skilled investigators and love having a mystery to solve. This genius for disecting human motivation also makes them gifted artists, often drawn to the darker side of life as subject matter. Mercury in Scorpio understands psychic states that go to a point of no return, when the only way out is through the darkness to the other side.

They've got an almost psychic ability to make leaps of logic that involve the intuition. Being so tuned into subtle dynamics, many find it natural to embrace metaphysical topics and alternative paths. In Mercury, this sign of total transformation, means they may go through radical changes in their mindset in their lives. They'll also have a big impact on others through their depth of wisdom.

When challenged, this Mercury has an instinct for gaining the upper hand in a conversation at any cost. There can be a tendency to cut others down with their poisonous barbs, often as a defensive maneuver. They're a formidable opponent with the ability to poke holes in the presentation of their adversary.

If Mercury in Scorpio has a blind spot, it's with themselves. Often they resist the kind of probing they do of others. Their curiosity with the dark may be part of a lifelong quest to face it fully in themselves.

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