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Mercury in Virgo


Quality and Element:

Mercury's Themes:

concise thinking, dry wit, analyzer, linguist, perfect planning, editing and fact-checking, understanding systems, logical, commonsense, thorough

Possible Challenges:

losing sight of big picture, stickler for a rational narrative, misses nuances of emotion, hyper critical, obsessively meticulous, worry over small problems

The Virgo Mentality:

Virgo is considered a mercurial sign, and those with this placement have gifts of communication. The thinking processes are concise, and have a sense of order built-in. If this is your Mercury, you're apt to be a wordsmith, someone that builds up language carefully. This orderly mindframe translates to a high level of competence in whatever field of work you engage in.

You like to approach new situations in a detached way, and coming to your own conclusion after you've collected all the facts. This makes you a cool head in a crisis. You're able to be matter-of-fact, when others lose their clarity in emotions or passions. You express your views in a modest way, and don't usually need others to validate your perspective. The Virgo mentality is self-contained and whole unto itself, which makes you a clear voice that grasps the essentials.

In Virgo, Mercury speaks with a voice of integrity. What motivates the attempt to understand is a desire for the whole picture, to have an integrated view. You're able to weave in all the threads, seeing how they fit into the big picture. The fascination with the pieces of the puzzle can keep you from seeing the overall structure. You can drive people crazy when your precise focus becomes a pin light on an issue. Getting stuck on the details, can keep you from seeing other dimensions of the situation at hand.

If you're not involved in something that feels purposeful, you lose interest. As a creative thinker, you stick close to the ground, in a structure that's got a real-life rhythm. This gives you the ability to write, draw, sing, express your imagination in ways that others can relate to. Your find the artful in the everyday.

Your manner of speaking is understated, which is why your humor comes off as dry. You notice things that others miss. Your mind separates the wheat from the chaff, drawing out the essentials on which to build a clear vision. You're not easily distracted by empty words, and come across yourself as sincere, a virtuous thinker. This makes others more likely to trust your opinion, since it's usually pure, untainted by a hidden motive.

The Virgo mentality is a working one, always seeking to be productive. You like to keep the wheels turning, and enjoy puzzles and wordgames that challenge your mind. You like to read, and are drawn to anything well written, and that meets your standards of research. You're a serious thinker, who is always refining your perspective.

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