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Mercury Retrograde in 2009


The dates are January 11-31; May 6th to 30th; September 6th to 29th; December 26th to January 15th, 2010. With each cycle, Mercury moves from an air sign to an earth sign, and ends in December with Mercury in Capricorn. The last cycle will surely bring home the year's lessons, a chance to review how well we're using our natural-financial resources.

January 11-31: In air sign Aquarius until the 21st, then moves retrograde into earth sign Capricorn. The mind merges with the collective consciousness, even as it tries to break free of limiting thoughts. Into Capricorn, thoughts of shared purpose are brought back, and ambitions given another look.

May 6th to 30th: In air sign Gemini until May 14th, then moves into earth sign Taurus. The mind sees from many angles, and this re-juggling of the past leads to revised conclusions. Moving into Taurus, you can revisit whatever needs to be shored up, rebuilt.

September 6th to 29th: In air sign Libra through September 18th, then in earth sign Virgo. A chance to harmonize and re-balance whatever is underway. Moving into Virgo, you can adjust the daily rhythm, and see what refinements are necessary to progress with integrity.

December 26th to January 15th:In earth sign Capricorn stationing at 21 degrees, back to 5 degrees (stationing direct). Comes out of direct shadow on February 3/4th. Complications in finances, global transport of supplies, mixed messages from government, corporations and other institutions. A rethinking of financial soundness, re-valuation of currencies possible, review of structures for stability.

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