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Mercury Retrograde in Birth Chart

The Collage Effect


Mercury Retrograde in Birth Chart

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Knowing Thy Mind

The best thing about astrology is what it teaches you about your own nature. And there's always more to learn. Recently, I read a description of those with Mercury Rx in their natal charts. That the natives are more likely to skip around a book, than read front to back.

That's me! I've got natal Mercury in Cancer, and I swim around a book, looking for something that grabs me emotionally. It makes me a fast reader, though what I've taken away is more of an impressionistic, highly subjective take.

The Mercury Rx Club

About one-quarter of us have Mercury retrograde in our natal charts. Check your own birth chart, and look for the Mercury glyph. If you see an Rx next to it, that means you were born in a retrograde time frame.

Since Mercury covers perception, getting a handle on how you see things helps you be more effective in the world. If you've got Mercury retrograde, you've got a very different mercurial make-up than other people. Understanding how you think can lessen the frustrations that go along with this kind of Mercury.

Authentic Mind

Astrologer Jan Spiller sees with Mercury retrograde natives the trailing of past lives of holding back the truth, or having to go along with the party line. This time around, there's a profound sense of being inarticulate, and struggling to speak.

In her insightful article, Mercury Retrograde at Birth, Spiller writes on natives, "In this lifetime, they are not allowed to speak superficially. To feel "straight" with themselves, they must communicate fully, from the authenticity of their entire being. Naturally, it takes time for them to get in touch with this level of authenticity."

Non-linear Thinking

I've always tried to force myself to be a more linear thinker. Examples are when I've set a goal to read the unabridged Shakespeare, or that time in high school, when I was determined to learn auto mechanics from a how-to book. Trying to force my mind down the A to Z groove has led to a lot of frustration. It's liberating to embrace who you are, and work with those strengths. After all, so much of our pain in life comes from trying to be someone we're not!

When you have Mercury Rx in your natal chart, how it behaves will depend on the element, quality and what house it's in.

In water signs, like mine, the mind searches for the emotional essence, and from that forms a picture of perception. Like with the retrograde cycle, the processes of the mind are different, and may take longer. You may swim in different channels of the mind. Sometimes if feels like you're speaking another language. And it can make you feel misunderstood, until you learn to translate what you perceive into language others can understand.

The collage effect of Mercury retrograde makes it hard to see how things will play out. You may see the end before the middle, or a vision of what's to come. But if this resonates with you, try working with, rather than against your own Mercury Rx. Instead of swimming against the tide, look for mediums where this kind of perception is valued and even rewarded.

Trust your perception, and find ways of expressing yourself through art, music, dance. The arts allow a different kind of language, that of symbol and collage, to stand on its own. No translation necessary! Trust that you have a unique way of seeing the world, one that is worth sharing.

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