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Virgo Monthly Shift Scope

January 2011!


Virgo Monthly Shift Scope

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Working Smarter, Not Harder

It's no secret you're conscientious, and like to get to the essence of a situation. These last months have given you ample time to sift and sort, organize, and resolve pain from the past. The currents of resolving continue with Mercury -- your ruler -- in direct shadow through to the 18th.

The first weeks of January can be super productive, because you're clearer of mind, body and spirit. You're more philosophical about upsets, and so waste less time on them. It's possible in this time to see with compassion, many of your most trying traits. You can see how expectations from society dovetail with your own demanding nature, and any treadmills this puts you on.

The 17th of January is a day to be on star watch -- as one for resounding truths. Mercury aligns with Pluto that day, to expose and illuminate the shadows. What you learn can seem monumental, and enable you to make solid decisions about the biggies of life (job, where to live, sustenance).

"The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground." Anonymous

This quote describes your tenacity, once you find something worthy of your devotion. Experiment this month, and stay alert to ideas that you might've thought too crazy before. Being able to trust your discernment is key. You'll find stability in following what feels right instinctively.

Venus is in fiery Sagittarius starting the 7th, to boost lagging spirits and get you moving. If you're not finding kindred spirits nearby, look further afield, and say hello to someone in another land. A great time to plan travel, or ally with foreign nationals.

Your built-in practical outlook serves you well when Jupiter goes into Aries on the 22nd. There's little chance you'll go off half-cocked, but you may have to move quicker than what's comfortable for you. This takes you beyond your comfort zone, so get used to feeling at your edge. It's a taste of what's to come, with the quickener Uranus moving into Aries in March.

Practice trusting yourself, in the moment, so you'll be ready when opportunity knocks at your door. Hone your vision, to know what's in line with your heart and what's not. Stick close to those that you trust to be champions of your dreams. Clear out any bad habits of criticism, in yourself or others, in these heady, contemplative days of January.

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