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Disseminating Moon Personality


Disseminating Moon Personality
Also known as the Disseminating Gibbous Moon
  • On the Lunar Calendar: 3 1/2 to 7 days after the Full Moon
  • Degree: 225 to 270 degrees ahead of the Sun
  • Inner Directive: balance, achievement

After the revelations and illuminations of the Full Moon, it's time to spread knowledge. This phase is like when the butterfly chaotically flies around to each flower. It is spreading its presence over great distances. The seeds are disseminated at this phase, so they can begin to grow in a more expansive way.

To be a trusted teacher or messenger, the disseminator has to be committed to the ideas in a deeply rooted way. Your phase can go wild with the mission to proselytize, and spread yourself too thin. You can be blinded by your fervor to convert people to your way of thinking. But you can also be a dynamic, motivating speaker that inspires others to share your passion.

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