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Moon in Scorpio


Moon in Scorpio

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Still Waters Run Deep


Those with the Moon in Scorpio often try to act cool and under control but there’s a brooding intensity below the surface. With an emotional base in the sign of the extremes, they experience intense feelings, which they often fear to let out. This in turn makes even intimate friends and family reluctant to probe too deeply.

The secretive Scorpio Moon can sometimes end up lost in all that churning emotion. If they are not self-aware, they could end up being driven by this subterranean force in the end. Along with the highs of the light side, they can fully dwell in the dark and struggle with jealousy, thoughts of revenge and serious resentment. Their nature is a conundrum -- repressing their feelings makes them too powerful to contain. Over time, they’ll learn that letting them out is the only way to tame the beast within.

They're in a position to understand the full emotional spectrum of the human condition, and so would make excellent dramatists or criminal detectives. They’ll excel in any field where penetrating insights into psychological extremes is required. And the focused ambition of the Moon in Scorpio adds to their chances for success.

In work and romance, they’ll need many outlets for that reservoir of emotional intensity. It can take years to win the trust of the suspicious Scorpio Moon, and even then there may be a fortress of defenses. Surely it goes without saying that you don’t want to betray them in any way.

When Scorpio inhabits the Moon, there’s a powerful sexuality felt by others, as well as a strong need for this catharsis in their lives. Sometimes primal desires can eclipse all other emotional truths and lead them into dangerous situations. Those in a committed relationship have a chance to experience this deep sensuality in an atmosphere of trust.


ambitious, intuitive, imaginative, intense, sensual, capable

The Shadow Side:

secretive, controlling, vengeful, brooding, manipulative, resentful

Quality and Element:

Fixed and Water

Famous People with Moon in Scorpio:

Will Smith, Ben Affleck, Alanis Morisette, Avril Lavigne, Elijah Wood, Denise Richards, Eminem, Steven Spielberg, David Schwimmer, Bjork, Tammy Faye Baker, Pat Benatar, Isadora Duncan, Elizabeth Taylor, George Harrison, Charlie Chaplin, Miles Davis, Sharon Stone

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