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Moon in Taurus



deliberate, sensual, affectionate, artistic, capable, discerning, trustworthy

The Shadow Side:

possessive, stubborn, immovable, inflexible, narrow-minded

Quality and Element:

Fixed and Earth

Famous People with Moon in Taurus:

Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton, Katharine Hepburn, Cameron Diaz, Prince Charles

Personality Profile:


The Moon in Taurus knows how to savor the good things in life, but also excels at taking care of business. They’re blessed with an emotional stability that gives them focus when all others are lost in confusion. They have a take-charge nature, but everything is done with a deliberate style so that each step is on solid ground.

You might sense a confidence in money matters that makes them sought out for financial advice, and all kinds of practical wisdom. The Taurus Moon has an instinct for how to make the best use of the resources at hand. There might be long pauses as they weigh all the facts, and then blow everyone away with their thoughtful conclusion.

They know that “tending your own garden,” is how to build security, and don’t look to others to show them the way. In the cozy patch where they call home, they’ll likely have many intimate dinner parties that are a feast for the senses. A relaxed gathering suits their basically mellow nature over more frenetic and crowded situations.

They’re trustworthy, and will expect the same from their tight-knit circle of friends. The Taurus Moon is there to help with the favors that matter day to day, like fixing the car, helping you paint or lending you a little cash ‘til payday. But don’t make it a habit or take advantage of their willingness to help, or you’ll surely lose their respect.

The Moon in Taurus wants an affectionate mate that can dwell in that world of “sensing things.” It means not necessarily having to talk to communicate. For them, much begins in the kitchen, preparing and eating sumptuous meals, all the while staying connected to their lover through touch. You’ll discover this slow sensuality translates to a lingering and very romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.


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