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New Moon in Gemini

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New Moon in Gemini

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New Moon is exact Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 at 5:03 pm eastern. Use the World Clock to find your time zone.

Cosmic Messenger

The luminaries synchronize and invigorate all our intelligences. Sun and Moon meet in quixotic Gemini at 11 degrees, a master number in numerology for gifts of rare sight and wisdom. The 11:11 phenomenon, where this shows up at significant moments, is thought to be a trigger of some kind. To jolt us into a new level of awareness?

My most recent 11:11 experience happened last week while writing about The Tower card in the Tarot, I hit publish and realized it was exactly 11:11 am. I get in a charged-up mood about the Tower, a card I (and many others) got in the days before and after the psychically shattering event of 9/11. The Tower is the experience of psychic implosion, a mental breakdown of sorts, when all the frames of the old paradigm crash down.

One repeated mantra after that was "everything's changed." For some it was psychic trauma (fear, anxiety, terror), others an initiation, still others the shock of awakening to the shadow. For me, it started as psychic trauma, and over the years, has become my life's most significant initiation. The shattering that's so shocking becomes a source of revelation and part of the prophesied apocalypse or unveiling.

This New Moon looks like a matrix-buster to me. Events are happening that break apart the old tired narration/commentary we accept as the official story. Gemini's ruler Mercury is the translator, and this New Moon allows for a shake-up, to connect dots in a new way, and see with fresh eyes. This New Moon is an open invitation to find new psychic terrain beyond chronic anxiety and repetitive mental loops that feel safe. We discover that events that shake us to the foundations free us in unexpected ways. When we've faced such extremes, there's nothing to fear.

Eclipse Mania

This lunation coincides with a solar eclipse, the first of three eclipses in a row! Eclipses bring big fated events, those we judge both good and bad. On the other side, it might seem that everything's changed. Even disasters -- a word meaning against the stars, aster -- have the potential to shake us out of limited thinking, apathy or a state of being entranced.

The channeled Sabian symbol for 11 Gemini is Newly Opened Lands Offer The Pioneer New Opportunities For Experience. Awakening to a structure, as it falls away, opens up new terrain of the psyche. That's why this time of collapse is so exhilarating, when it's not terrifying. It's very much like being a pioneer!

What to Create?

It's a New Moon to open our eyes to new ways of shifting "consciousness at will" just like Gemini's archetype, the Magician. Gemini is the mischievous sign, often poking fun at set, controlled or pre-planned ways of thinking. At the New Moon, the re-set button gets pushed, and the mind is free and flexible again. The juggling allows for innovation, leaps of logic, learning from others, adapting to new information.

The Greeks knew the magician as the God Mercury, with wings of pure spirit on his feet. That represents being sped along, when aligned with higher spiritual forces and wisdom.

The Tempestulator

The New Moon Gemini is like a twister at the eclipse, freeing us from mental shackles. The Sun-Moon make a steadying trine to Saturn Libra (at 10 degrees), and this helps focus all the wild, genius thoughts coming in. Libra's sword of illumination can be used masterfully now for discernment, and social ease.

There's a lot of tempestuous energy at the New Moon, and pressure to stay close to your own sense of life purpose. The quickness of Gemini allows for many shifts of the sails, as the weather changes moment by moment. A Tempestulator, is a gadget for predicting the weather. At the psychic New Moon time, stay alert to what pops, and looks like your next big thing.

There's the trine to leviathan Saturn, the planet of patience and caution, that's in wide orb square to Pluto and opposing Uranus -- phew! Be light on your feet, sometimes to use force and be direct, other times, move in a way that rights the ship, creates balance. All the while staying mentally alert and flexible. The very challenge at hand is how perception of reality creates reality -- image is everything. And how it's a time when reality is fluid and changeable. At this New Moon, claim more of your ability to co-create, make magic by first acknowledging that everything is changeable. It's been called a "canvas of consciousness," and this New Moon is an invitation to more mastery, artful intention with our life's work.

To Be Continued

This eclipse is all about perception, and changing your mind to meet the moment. This might mean letting go of the familiar, and going with the natural death-rebirth that happens at the Dark Moon. The next up is a lunar eclipse on June 14th/15th at 24 degrees Sagittarius, followed by another solar eclipse on July 1st at 9 degrees Cancer.

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