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7-The Chariot


Cancer, a major move forward requiring you to rein in your focus. Self-protection as you marshal energies for the next step.
7-The Chariot

Rider Waite Tarot/Public Domain Image

The Chariot is about a big move, either literal or symbolic. The Charioteer is armored, signifying he's got strong emotional and physical boundaries. The Chariot is being readied for forward movement, indicating a time of "grabbing the reins" for full, deliberate control.

The move involves the whole self, and the direction comes from soulful introspection. The momentum created by the forward movement, will be hard to stop or turn around. That's why The Chariot signals you're at a time of careful consideration for your big Move.

Some decks show the Chariot managing two horses moving in different directions, showing the need to manage chaotic, conflicting impulses. This decks shows the Sphinx, for higher wisdom to guide the decisions. All the resources are there for the journey by chariot, if you keep your focus in the direction you're going.

Reversed: Holding yourself back from a needed or longed-for change. Stagnating in a specific place, mindset, culture.

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