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This Full Moon

Full Moon in Pisces


This Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse/NASA

The coming full Moon in Pisces (exact on Tuesday 28th at 6:35 a.m. EDT) is all about tenderness, compassion and creativity. As the big softie of the Zodiac, Pisces links us to others through the heart, and heightens sensitivity. It's a great time to present ideas or do works that soothe the sorrows of the world. With squares to Jupiter and Mars, this full Moon inspires each of us to take our personal well of experience, draw out what's true, and present it as a gift to others.

The Pisces full Moon also brings the collective imagination to the foreground, and it's something we can all tap into if we know how. In an interview on NPR, the filmmaker David Lynch talked about meditation as a way to get past the lower distractions to the good stuff. That beyond fear and the monkey mind is a vast imaginative landscape from which to draw inspiration. Lynch has written a book on meditation and creativity called Catching the Big Fish, aptly named reading material for the "Fishes" full Moon.

The Pisces full Moon is like getting a day pass to that imaginative realm, and a great time to recommit to your own personal vision. There's likely to be a mood of mystery and magic that reveals the subtlest of vibes. It's a good time to quiet the chattering mind, and tune in to nature, music, art, film, and anything else that speaks to your soul.

As the last sign, the Pisces full Moon is a lunar culmination, and it comes at harvest time, with the Sun in Virgo. It's time to bring to fruition, or take action on any new Moon (in Leo) intentions you set around August 12th. There's also a total lunar eclipse (exact at 6:37 a.m. EDT), which means the Earth's shadow will darken the lunar face for a time, as it's exactly between the Sun and Moon. What's swirling around are notions of creating as a spiritual act, and as an act of service to others.

If the Pisces full Moon opens the heart of all humanity, then the lunar eclipse shows the dark longings, what's in the shadows. It promises to be an intense moment, especially for empaths and other sensitive types. But the Virgo Sun, and Mercury in this practical sign, keeps the focus on what can be done, now, with the resources at hand.

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