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Full Moon in Aries, 2012

Urgent Emergencies


Full Moon in Aries, 2012

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Chart and Main Thrust

Here's a look-see at the chart set for East Coast (US) time. Find your time with the world clock.

This is a five-alarm Aries Full Moon. See hot themes at the Full Moon Aries, September 29th, exact at 11:19 pm EDT.

Packing a Punch

What stands out here is that the luminaries (Sun and Moon) are nearly exact to the churning of the Uranus-Pluto square. In this time of maximum change, this is like a big push in the sometimes agonizing birthing process. The Aries fire and will power makes for a surge forward.

This is a super-charged Full Moon. There may be ordeals or clashing of wills. If a situation is at the breaking point, the raw energies released here tip the scales. There can be a temporary loss of footing, before a new equilibrium is reached.

It's a leap of faith, to experience being thrown off, with trust that it's a risk of growth, with the side effect of making you feel more alive.

With all that's going down, this is a lunation to step out of any (illusory) comfort zone. Are we not here to risk, to test our ability to create the world anew, and choose the bright future over the dimming false promises of a dying past?

For me, this article in Waking Times -- a name Uranus would surely smile at -- Decolonizing Gaia and Rewilding Mankind hits the primary theme of the Uranus-Pluto square. The writer Z states, "We do have a choice, but it’s a scary one: create something new that trumps the conquer-control-destroy-repeat mindset that has plagued the human condition for a millennium." And as its mentioned, it takes courage to trump the fear that keeps us holding on to what we've got. This is a moment to move out of fear, let go of dead-end beliefs, and focus on the growing edge.


Sun and Moon are at 7 degrees in the Me and We signs Aries-Libra. Aries is a sign of marshaling energies toward a single point of focus. This creates the sense of birth and a new beginning. What's your top preoccupation? What areas have natural momentum, and are a match for your particular genius?

There's a jolt to an instinctual sense of self, with electrifying Uranus nearly conjunct the Moon. If you focus attention on what you're creating, the results can amaze you. That's why it's critical, too, to beam on what you want to bring in.

Force of Balance

There are three planets in the sign of the Scales, Libra. The Sun, Mercury and Saturn in its last degree of Libra lend extra clarity and awareness of impact on others. The Full Moon is for balancing the charged-up motivations of the self, with the realities and needs of others. That faculty is sharp now, and it can bring on a sense of being aligned.

Being in alignment makes you a force to be reckoned with. If you trust your conscience and sense of acting fairly, you're able to act in the moment. You give yourself a great gift, when you take care of unfinished business. It can be an intense time for relationships. It may be time to part ways or reset the contract in some way.

There's ample cosmic energies to let go with grace, if visions for the future are out of synch. If you sense volatility, it's best to avoid crowded, noisy, harsh places and people.

One Small Step, A Big Leap

As Shakespeare wrote, "Action is eloquence." Under the just-do-it Full Moon Aries, what action can you take that sends a signal that you're moving past fear? A small step, if it's the right one, has the power to alter how you feel about what's possible.

The universe supports you in surprising ways. Be clear with your intent, and open to superfast progress. Aries is about now and this Full Moon is about emerging into being here now.

Aries Full Moon Leitmotif

  • Seeing where we're passive or atrophied, and begin to move those muscles again.
  • Looking at where we're dependent, and seek ways to be self-reliant, independent.
  • Seeking friends that encourage us to find our power, not wallow with us in disempowerment.
  • Taking note of how we 'vibe' with others -- do they drain us or energize us?
  • Seeing which relationships are right for who you're becoming, instead of who you've been.
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