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Libra New Moon, 2012

Clear Starry Skies


Libra New Moon, 2012

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Skeleton Keys: resonance; balancing material and spiritual aspirations; living your values; anticipating the right response; fulfilling a public need; asserting your perspective; dropping clarifying currents into cultural stream; recognizing need for beauty, music, art.

Surprises: revelatory dreams; experiences of the sublime; breakthrough of your mindset; social curiosity; elevating ways of framing what's happening; seeing as if from above -- the detached observer; compassion for all seekers; reconciling polarities.


The dark of the Moon is a blank canvas but with twinkly stars for inspiration. What will you see or create from that infinite space? The Libra New Moon (October 15th) energies are fabulous for being alert and having extremely vivid dreams. What's understood deeply becomes a launch for your inspired next steps.

The watchful observer in you is empowered at the New Moon. There are supportive astro angles to see more clearly how the outer is a mirror of the inner. Watch for epiphanies that have the power to change your story. You see the psychic impression from a dream message, for instance, of something that you're ready to leave behind. Some deep-seated patterns can be unraveled, and the end result is more mental-psychic space.

When a belief is fixed, it creates reality tunnels and inhibits the flow of consciousness. The clearings happening now are something to celebrate. The spaciousness opens each of us up a different dialogue with the multi-verse.

If you're looking for suggestions, see Libra New Moon themes. Also muse on where Libra falls in your chart, with Libra New Moon through the houses.

Charting Your Course

The Libra New Moon chart shows the luminaries Sun and Moon at at 22 degrees Libra. Jupiter (in Gemini) adds to the lively scene, in a wide trine. If you've gotten bogged down and lost your sense of magic, be swirled and fluffed up again.

These air signs blow away what's irrelevant, so see what has a spark for you now. What's current? I made a list of what I called beams recently. These are things, people, movies, books, websites that strike that right tone. They're a draw and have a sense of holding a key to finding direction. New Moons are a great time to make such lists.

The inner compass is finely tuned in Libra. Let the distractions fade out, and bring what's in bold forward. Collage it, dance it, make it real. With Saturn's trine to Neptune (Pisces), the door is swung wide, to conjure a bright reality and scheme to bring it to form.

Weighing Relationships

It's been a real time of testing for relationships of all kinds. Maybe you've noticed some have drifted away naturally, while new ties are formed. Libra is the sign of harmony, but with pressures from the Uranus-Pluto square, it's got to be authentic, not the make-nice kind.

Relationships are going through the wringer, as all that's false or based on outgrown social conditioning, is squeezed off. Who is really there for us when we're up against it, or taking the risk to change? We see what's left to build on. Do we share the same values? Is there a future here? This is a New Moon for soul searching, and asking for guidance about your relationships.

More Currents in Play
  • Venus (Virgo) in exact sextile to Mercury (Scorpio) This harmonious angle makes it satisfying to really be there for others, especially through a crisis of change.
  • A trine of fiery Mars (Sagittarius) to Uranus (Aries) adds to the wakefulness. What's charged with the promise of a new beginning brings unexpected twists and opportunities.
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