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Scorpio Solar Eclipse, November 3rd, 2013

Dispelling - Waking from Spells


Scorpio Solar Eclipse, November 3rd, 2013

"Behind the mask of ice that people wear, there beats a heart of fire." Paulo Coelho


This lunation on November 3rd, 2013 is also known as Lunar Samhain, when the veil is thin, and what's been in the shadows becomes visible -- to the soul's eye. 

It's the Witches New Year at Halloween, with a drawing in to the potent energies of Scorpio -- the sign of mixing in the cauldron, power and magic.

There's a "hybrid" Solar Eclipse that coincides with the Scorpio New Moon, adding to its cosmic punch.  A hybrid eclipse appears at times total, and other times partial.  This is the bookend to the Aries Lunar Eclipse on October 18th. 

Now, in Scorpio season, the big life and death questions are up -- for each of us, and for the human family.  The backdrop to this crossroads is the epic shape shifting underway of our world, with the Uranus-Pluto square.  This is exact November 1st, in the lead-in to the crucible Dark of the Moon.   

Scorpio within us, is that will to face what's dire or "dangerous" to know -- either within the psyche or "out there."  The inner mirrors the outer, too, as things that are ignored, denied and allowed to fester gain power and become toxic. 

This is a lunation for seeing deeply into the energetic ingredients that shape life and ourselves. There can be revelations -- what has cast a spell, what -- or who -- has a strange hold or influence.

The price to pay for waking to these underpinnings is the loss of the old way of seeing the world, that's comforting in its familiarity.  The reward is to awaken to hidden knowledge, and the seeds of personal power.

Waking Up or Sleeping Deeper

In her end of October 2013 newsletter, Melody Scott Zindell writes about something I've pondered too lately.  That it is a time of choice, and some will choose to stay asleep, other to awaken. 

Melody writes, "These are the questions arising from the collective unconscious at this point. We've talked a lot about the end of the 25,000 year cycle punctuated by the current Uranus square Pluto and currently amplified by the very karmic Saturn and North Node in Scorpio. What is always on my mind and looming in the background is Neptune and Chiron in Pisces."

Melody continues, "This energy reflects many things: The increase in manipulation and control and propaganda increases and actually brings some into a deeper level of compliance (through fear and desires) and "sleep". There is also the idea of illusions and delusions dropping away, like the Emperor with no clothes fable. Some will remain in denial, some will suffer massive disillusionment, some will see more clearly and be able to increase discernment and discrimination with thoughts, choices and behaviors."

Taking the Waters

This looks to be phenomenal for healing any toxic emotional waters, and if necessary, making a course correction -- getting right with your own soul. But first, you must take the road less traveled and be still -- let go, unclench the jaw, relax the face...surrender. If you can achieve this -- and it is an achievement -- in our anxious world, you're on your way. The thawing out begins, as the outer defenses soften, and you rest in the true center of who you are.

The Sun and Moon meet at 11°16' Scorpio. It's one to fully revel in, the days before and after, as soul takes the lead. Start now, by slowly winding down initiating that inner dialogue that will lead to that much sought-after capacity to surrender.

Eclipse Time

This is a potently packed New Moon in the fixed water sign associated with deep change.

Solar eclipses have a special charge, and in Scorpio, the concentrated energies are deeply internal. A suggestion to prepare is to clear the calendar, where possible, for soul searching. Opt out of distractions for something more satisfying. Honor your own experience by slowly tuning out the exterior noise. Also read up on solar eclipses (and lunar to follow in two weeks) in the houses -- they come in pairs and can be understood as a package deal in opposite houses. See eclipses in the houses for a forecast.

Scorpio Waters Run Deep

This darkest of Moons, at the solar waning time, is one to seek fresh water sources -- with intense emotional and soul force running strong. By going deep, you flush out what's making you sick. Scorpio's cauldron is purifying, with emotional heat that heals and transforms.

The Eclipse chart has a full stellium in Scorpio with Saturn, Mercury and the compass point of the North Node.  There can be epiphanies that seem to set off a chain reaction of change from the (deep) inside-out. 

The real satisfying work of metamorphosis comes with these revelations. It's a relief to get to core seeds that grew into something that's taken on a life of its own.

Scorpio New Moon Tips
  • Avoid obsessing on "what ifs" -- gravitate to activities that make you feel hopeful.
  • Take a long bath with special salts or oils.
  • Minimize the rushing around, in favor of some empty space on your day planner.
  • Sage your space, and invoke spirits of protection, if necessary.
  • Recall your energy from bad investments, and feel it concentrating around you.
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