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Sagittarius and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Wander Lust


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Upside: bold flirting style; quick to take leaps; wide friend circles; exciting pace; world explorers; open to anything; generous and optimistic; inspiring friends.

Downside: wandering eyes; sexual sampler; easy come, easy go; change addicts; flee from commitment; reckless; risky behavior; know-it-alls.

Quality and Element Mutable Fire

Double Speed

Sagittarius and Sagittarius hit the ground running, sometimes literally. The stereotype is that there are two kinds of Archers -- the athletic ones and the philosopher-intellectual ones. Either way, two Sadges are lovers on the move, with an insatiable hunger for novel experiences. This is a common bond that makes life an adventure, and always new.

First dates are all about excitedly sharing their passions, and future plans. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of reaching and risking, optimism and big rewards. They are philosophers, holding forth on the events of the day. There's lots of laughter and high-spirited talk at their table, or as they whiz by on the move.

Yes, the Archer is on fire with their commentary, at times with the zeal of a preacher. They can be dogmatic, broadcasting their insights as the gospel truth. Two Sagittarians make for lively debate, hopefully with the result of widening, not limiting the view.

Two upbeat Archers bring sunshine to any gloom, and are partners in dreaming up adventures. These might be actual adventures to far away places, or they could be journeys of the mind.

Thrills and Chills

The high energy they each have get them out and about, getting to know each other while in motion. If they're sporty, they'll cheer each other on to exceed the personal best. They're thrill seekers who might ski, ride, jump or run before encountering each other with wild, lit-up eyes in the bedroom.

An all-around compatible pair that go hither and yon, to the amazement of everyone they know.  With two look-before-you-leapers, there can be spills, too.  But the Archer rebounds quickly, and two have a laugh over their missteps in the trek of life. 

Friends Forever

In relationship, Sadge likes to always be friends first, with all the freedom that implies. Understanding the need to roam, they cut the other a wide berth. Sometimes this even means an "open relationship," and the okay to pursue sexual experiences apart.

Both have an urge to explore and try new things, and that makes longterm commitment an iffy proposition. Two Archers that nuture the potential for unlimited growth, will find a relationship that's always evolving and new.

The double Sadge couple looks to the sunny side of life, and find harmony in that shared optimism. Any fiery arrows sent in anger are soon laughed off and forgotten. They're both starkly honest, so nothing is festering to rear up as a relationship monster.

Rest of the Story

Look to the Moon and other planets for dimension on how this pairing plays out. This will show you what kind of Sadges are meeting up here. As eternal students, a key to a lifelong affair is shared philosophies and passions.

Team Sadge is a pair that knows that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Time apart for solo quests and travel, means there's a breathless reunion to look forward to at the end. A key to longevity is deepening the intimacy and trust, as the vision is widened. Sometimes the wandering spirit of Sadge attracts them to others, for experience at that edge. A challenge is finding ways to make it ever new, in each others company.

To keep it fresh, feed the relationship lots of stimulation of body and mind, and keep it pointed excitedly toward that distant horizon.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Love Story

Going Strong

I've been with my husband for 6 years now.The crazy thing about us is,we both were at the same place (show/concert/ect) at the time,7different times!& I have proof! & we never met,until he added me on MS! He is my soul mate. This may sound nuts,but we can read eachothers mind. I can walk into the room,and blurt out something & answer what he was thinking,and vica versa!? When he met,he knew right away that I was the one for him & I knew right away that one day we would be married/have kids together. We're SO much a like,& like the same things.However we're both procrastinators, and get angry very fast,but we forgive each other faster.We also support/encourage each other to follow his/her dreams too.We have a child together too! On the flip side,i have read that Sag.+Sag. don't always get along..and my Sister-in-law is also a Sag.& she has hated me since Day1.I've been nothing but kind to her,but she just hates me.

—Guest frankie guzman

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