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Saturn in Libra


For anyone with Saturn in Libra, stability in relationships is serious business. You may hold off on marriage, but when you commit, it's enduring. You are drawn to mentor types, and may often be with someone older and wiser. Your greatest lessons come from pairing up and being part of a duo has an anchoring effect. You thrive in partnerships, whether its to start a business or a lifelong friendship.

Your sense of social justice is heightened, and this could lead you into activism, law or politics. You have mental discipline, when you find activities that match your high ideals. You commit to artful projects, making it possible to live your dreams by seeing them to completion. Saturn is about hard work, and you put in character-building effort to bring beauty and harmony to your world.

You suffer when you see what's out of balance. With Libra in Saturn, chaos, crassness and ugliness can cause you a lot of anxiety and fear. And in your persistent quest to right wrongs, and bring equilibrium, you may be frustrated with those that don't see the big deal. It may be hard to accept that you're only able to control yourself. You release that pressure when you keep cultivating personal serenity and balance within.

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